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venerdì 12 febbraio 2021

Blood of the Wolf - III: Blood Legend

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Black, Morbid Angel
This is a bit more mild then their first two albums, but it's still good work! It's a little bit less than 20 minutes in length, but that doesn't take away from the glory of the EP. I'd say all 4 tracks hit home with me. They really know how to work hard and making some original death/black metal. It's all in your face killer! But yeah, all of these are going to pave the way to the next release. By far, they've been heading in the right direction since their debut. I don't think there's anything that I've heard from this band that isn't worthy of praise. The music is what is most captivating and intriguing. The songwriting is just amazing.

Mike was serious when he said that he's been doing good with the writing of these songs. I'd have to agree with him wholeheartedly. There isn't a song I've heard in his entire discography that I've disliked. Now they just need to keep up the pace. It'd be really great if they come out with a full length this year. If we have to wait, we wait. But the EP here is just a segue to probably another good LP. I would say that every riff on this EP is amazing. I think that the production quality here is amazing and the mixing well done, too. They really kick ass once again! Mike's vocals are deep and the riff-writing totally original.

I think that this band is filled with a long life and is totally original. The music is what hits home in every aspect. The low-end vocals just tear it up along with the guitars. Everything here slays! There is a little bit of diversity in the vocals but not much. When they change it up, it sounds good! The drums on here are sick too, fast and furious! They keep up with the guitar well. I'd venture to say that for an EP, this one does a lot of justice for the band. Tempos aren't always the same, but mostly they rip it up with fast blast beats and tremolo picking guitar work. Mike does a great job in the vocal duties.

If you haven't heard this and you're a metalhead, get it! It's a segue to the upcoming album (hopefully soon). I got this on CD, but it is available on Bandcamp and possibly YouTube. I liked all 4 tracks. They just don't end with fury, they are fueled with might! These guys just blew me away when I first heard this. Then checking out albums I&II I though was a good idea. it's good to get all of their material because it's fast, furious and filled with rage. These guys are unrelenting and they don't give up on the intensity. Wish I could see them perform in the some near future if that'll ever be possible again. Get this! (Death8699)

(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - 2019)
Score: 80