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martedì 9 febbraio 2021

Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction

#FOR FANS OF: Gore-Grind
Sweet debut from UK greats! This is pure gore-grind. Raw, brutal and fast are some ways to describe this album in its entirety. Both trade-offs in the the vocal department. Screams and bellows are some of the sounds of the vocals. It's a good combination. I liked this whole debut. Of course it lead up to something greater even though Ken Owen can't rejoin the band due to his massive brain hemorrhage when he was only 28. He's not to play drums any longer. It sucks because like Mick Harris (ex-Napalm Death, ex-Defecation) Ken was a grind great! All we have are his memories of this earlier albums.

The music is just all over the place, grind blasts everywhere. It's a mixture of death metal and grindcore hence gore-grind. There's actually a lot going on at once with this album. Some tracks feature the vocal trade-offs and blasts some just aggressive vocals and slower tempos. And strikingly loud lead guitar. In any case, Carcass does a great job as staying extreme here as to what's to pursue down the line in terms of discography. Bill and Jeff being longtime members put together some pretty cool music even though it fluctuates all over the place. That's alright though, it's what to beholden of them as I said in the future.

I enjoyed this whole album because it is just so sickly crazy. The tempos swing like memoirs of moods and madness which is taken from Kay Jamison - An Unquiet Mind. Imagine that being this Carcass release as being one big episode of madness. It's greatness is in its experimental sounds. The riffs are KING and the blasts are with precision. Ken makes a great effort in the drum department the whole way through. I enjoyed this CD a lot because of its universality. And unique sound vibes to it. It really packs a punch to it the whole way through. They just tear it up in the grind department.

This album is quite raw and unique. It really goes every which direction in sounds the guitars are just a massive aneurism. And the vocals by all three of the band members are sickly. They just don't let up in trade-offs, versatile tempos and massive grind. I would check this out on YouTube if you're a newbie to grindcore or goregirnd. It's a must to listen to this in its entirety to get a taste of what raw uncensored Carcass sounds like. The album artwork is quite disgusting so just factor that into the music and well you get the idea. I like old Carcass because of what they've become. Get it and take a listen or many! (Death8699)