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Interview with Lelahell

Hailing from Algeria, Lelahell plays brutal, blistering Death Metal that features intense speed and supreme technicality. Native melodies complement the crushing barbarity on this 10 tracks monster that is full of sick blast beats, massive guitar riffs, gravity blasts and huge production.

Hi guys, welcome into The Pit of the Damned. For us, it is quite strange to have reviewed a band from your country, Algeria, would you spend some words about Lelahell?

Lelahell are one of Algiers’ newer extreme metal acts, their concrete-crushing death metal bludgeoning skulls since 2010. Founded by Redouane Aouameur (A.k.a Lelahel) who is no stranger to the Algerian metal scene as he has already been in other bands including Neanderthalia, Litham, Carnavage and Devast.. Following the completion of 2011’s ‘Al Intihar’ EP, fellow Algerian metallers Slave Blaster and Nihil (who also form the rhythm section of black metal outfit Barbaros), completed the ranks. In 2012 Goressimo Records officially released the band’s debut EP.

The first full length album of Lelahell " Al Insane ...The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane " mixed and mastered by Ivan of Anthropocide Studio from Belarus (Abominable Putridity, Aborted Fetus, etc.) was released the 5th of august 2014 by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (Coffins, Haemorrhage, Abcess,..) from Usa.

Which bands influenced your sound? In the review, we mentioned Nile and Pestilence, but I listened to also the early Orphaned Land, what do you think?

We get our inspiration from everything which is related to death metal and all brutal stuffs and some local music. Maybe the old school riffs mixed with oriental stuffs that remind you the old Orphaned Land, but sincerely I think that it is just because we take our inspiration from our local music and it is similar to theirs!

What does it mean for you playing heavy metal in Algiers? Is it a problem playing heavy metal in Algeria? We watch at the TV every day a lot of bad things related to religious facts (i.e. Isis), how do these things influence your mood?

I play metal for more than 20 years, and never got any problem in my country, I think that you have a false idea about our countries which is transmitted by your medias. In Algeria the metal is considered as a western culture and unknown by the mass medias. So people in general don't care about it!

Would you speak about the process that led to 'Al Insane... The (Re)Birth of Abderrahamane' composition? How is the song writing process?

I started the writing process of guitars album and structures just before the Ep release in Spring 2012, after that we spent around 6 month to finalize the album (drums, bass, lyrics, vocals,..)

In January 2013 we started to record drums, two month later we started the recording of bass and guitars. The vocals were recorded in august 2013 just before our first tour.

After that I was going to mix and master the album, but it was difficult to find a suitable sound for our music which was the most arduous part of the recording process, so we decided to search for a producer, and the time to find someone for that we were in December 2013. The album was mixed and mastered by Ivan from Anthropocide studio from Belarus. He did a great job, this guy is very patient and talented! and the album was finalized in march 2014.

What about the content of the lyrics?

Regarding the lyrics we get the inspiration from our daily life, and past experiences. The first song of this album “Al Intissar” is an hymn to victory and all against those fuckin’ losers who complain all day long without doing anything from their lives. Move your ass fucking assholes! "Voices revealed" is inspired from the memories of Phillip Garrido a serial killer, "Hypnose" is a message to all our governors in the planet ! "Am I in hell?" is a question that every one asked at least one time in his life, "Kalimet essir" is a tribute to our Martyrs, "Black hands" is about the difference between the rich and poors , “Hillal”, has a more philosophical concept and it is about the interaction of the human with the nature and "Mizmar" talks about the human pleasures!

Which were the feedbacks on the album?

Our Album got excellent reviews from big magazines such Metallian (Fr), Metallized (Dk) and Zero tolerance (Uk). And webzines from all around the world: Metalwani.com (India): 8,5/10, Metalchroniques.fr (France) : 8,5/10, Power of Metal.dk (Denmark): 85/100, Inside the Coffin (The Netherlands): 83/100, Jorzine.com (Jordan/middle East): 8/10, Truemetal.it (Italy): 80/100, Unhinged Music (Usa) : 8/10, PestWebzine (Romania) : 8/10, Noizz Webzine (Spain): 8/10, Metal Soundscapes (Greece): 8/10, Reaperzine.de (Germany): 8/10, Metallian.com (Canada): 80/100 (Metallian Release Of The Month) ,....

- Best Death Metal Albums in 2014 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB3V5IA2dRU

- Algerian release of the year' at the GMA Awards 2014 : http://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/other-music-news/gma-awards-2014-are-a-go-with-albums-of-the-year-winners-released-part-15

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- 8th in top 20 best african album of 2014 :


For a first Album, yes we are very satisfied!

How is difficult to be an African band to approach the European metal scene?

The main difficulty is to play shows because we need to pay for ticket planes and renting back line to play in Europe which represents a lot of money for us. And a band that don't play a lot of shows don't get a lot of exposure, and the big labels won't sign us.

Will be there the chance to see your band on stage in Europe?

We played actually in 7 European countries: France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Malta. More shows coming soon.

What about the metal scene in Algeria, any bands to suggest?

The scene isn't so big, but it is existing since more than 20 years and there are some good promising bands.

Next steps? Is there a new album in preparation?

Actually I'm writing riffs of the second full length that maybe will be recorded at the end of this year!

During my face-to-face interviews with bands during my radio show, I am used to ask the “Desert Island List”: three books, three records and three movies you can’t live without, what about yours?

Three Records: Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss, Morbid Angel - Blessed are the Sick, Death - Human

Three Movies : no one i don't watch movies

Three Books: Paulo Coelho : Veronika Decides to Die, Saint Exupery: Le Petit Prince, Albert Cohen : Le Livre de Ma Mere

Would you add something more? 

Thanks for your support! and stay brutal!

(Francesco Scarci for The Pit of the Damned)