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domenica 7 febbraio 2021

Blessed By Perversion - Remnants of Existence

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death, Deicide, Malevolent Creation
This album reminded me somewhat of '13th Beast' by Malevolent Creation, only not as aggressive. Still a good sound though, absolutely! This is no generic Greek-based death metal band. This is a band that's trying to get established in the metal arena. I cannot say for a fact that this is a step up from their last LP because I haven't heard it. But it sure as well is a great release for 2020. These guys are belting out good, solid riffs. And the vocals are the Glen Benton of the 21st century, especially on 'The Stench of Redemption'. Enough of those comparisons though, we need to dig deep on why it's good to like this band...

"Gallery of Bones" has probably the best riffs on the album. However, I did like the bulk of the songs. They show maturity and originality. The vocals are BRUTAL and the riffs go along side the vocals quite well. I like this style...I thought that even though there's six songs on the album in less than 30 minutes, they do have a lot to offer the listener. There isn't much variability on here in terms of tempos they're pretty much even keel. But the riffs themselves are invaluable. Well, I thought that originally, but the more I got into the release, the more that they became of great value. Some of the best riffs on a death metal album in 2020.

I still give them a "B" average because there were a few things or points I took off from. That would mainly be the production quality being somewhat raw, but not entirely. They show great worth and value. And on top of that, the variability can be quite high. What I mean is that they play around with sounds it's not all just 24+ minutes of brutal death metal. There are some clean guitars that segue into heavier, thick riffs. And the voice changes only a little bit. I can accept the intro to the album for what it is...slow and clean, but just you await to what's about to hit you with the next five tracks!

This album is NOT available in CD via Amazon, but digital copies are available and the LP is on YouTube and Spotify. Catch the wicked leads, catchy riffs, and awesome vocals! I liked this album pretty much right away and it brought back the memories of newer Deicide (vocals) and later Malevolent Creation (as I indicated in my introductory observations). But they have their own unique sound to them indicating their influences as well. I thank Andreas from the band introducing his band to me. Definitely one that one album in 2020 that shall be in the archives as one of the great releases last year! Check them out! (Death8699)

(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation - 2020)
Score: 77