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venerdì 12 febbraio 2021

Craft - White Noise and Black Metal

#FOR FANS OF: Swedish Black
Dark, depressing and grim is the atmosphere of this LP. They keep it really underground to say the least. The music isn't really too fast, but has some good riffs I'd say more than here or there. The vocals make the music even more dark. I'd have to say that everything on here isn't something that you'd want to listen to if you're melancholic. So yeah, the riffs I like a lot and the aura of the album. The intensity is there, too. It's a pretty diverse release musically. I like what I'm hearing. But it's not something that I'd say I'd get the CD to. Maybe, maybe in time. My genres aren't too keen on black metal.

The guitars are really original riff writing wise. They seem to keep the rest of the instruments in flux and yes, there are some points where the music is a little bit fast and fierce. They change tempos up quite a lot. And a lot of tremolo picking with the guitars. Definitely neat in composition style. I like the way they put the music together. Of course more songs would've been nice but this is 42 minutes and the music just is balls out intriguing. I liked all of the songs on here. There's a little biased in me saying so because I'm a former guitarist. But yeah, all of the music on here is damn well good!

The production as I discussed has made the album even more dark. The sound quality is good and the mixing superb. I recently heard of this band and definitely liked what I heard. There aren't many tracks on here that have a lot of vocals which is alright a lot of it is guitar work not so much voice. But that's alright, seems like the concept is to get the guitar riffs to be overpowering in most of the music. It's definitely their concept or way of writing on here. Seems to be the focus on most of the songs on here. As I have listened through the album, the music (as stated) is the main focal points. There seems to be mostly just music.

I like this release but I thought that they needed more vocals to it to keep it more well rounded. But in any case, I still give it a "B" rating. They definitely are a good band and this album has put them in the category of some awesome black metal. I have this on my phone and find that listening to it closely the music was definitely the primary highlight than anything else. They just needed to add to the music with more vocal tracks. That's my only beef with the release. I thought that most of the riffs were really cool. And the sound quality was good. Loved the guitars a lot and the atmosphere. Check it out! (Death8699)