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sabato 4 dicembre 2021

Eisregen - Krebskolonie

BACK IN TIME: recensione gentilmente concessa da Nihil Zine
#PER CHI AMA: Black Gothic
'Krebskolonie' è il secondo album per questi tedeschi, degli apocalittici apostoli neri, portavoce di un oscuro e angoscioso black metal in cui si fondono elementi gotici e folkloristici della loro natia Turingia. Bellissimo e di struggimento propriamente romantico-gotico col violino che stempera, ma non mortifia, il furioso growling e le atmosfere onirico-belliche della musica, caratterizzata da impetuosi riff e dalla batteria che scandisce ogni frazione dell'attacco sonoro a cui questo cd ci sottopone. Trovo che gli Eisregen (autori oramai di 14 full length) ben rappresentino il lato più estremo, belligerante e satanico della scena tedesca ormai inflazionata da troppe (ahimè) insulse e stanche power band. Vivamente consigliato a chi vuole ripescare la loro calata vandalica.

(Last Episode - 1998)
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venerdì 3 dicembre 2021

Lo-fi Sucks! - Loud, Fast, Shut Up!

#PER CHI AMA: Indie Rock
Non cambiano di tanto le prospettive sonore nell'ultimo, post/umo 'Loud, Fast, Shut Up!' (registrato nel 2004 e pubblicato sette anni dopo, tra l'altro solo su vinile). La ortoriflettente "I Won't Complain" accarezza per quasi tutto il tempo il post-pop alla Deus, prima di annientarsi in una luce dissonante che vi ricorderà forse i Talk Talk imperscrutabili di "Ascension Day". Ritroverete quei caratteristici arpeggi climatici qui e altrove, per esempio in "Return of the Son of Orange", o in "No Taste", sognante esempio di classic-post-rock italiano adorante Lou Reed. Reciprocamente, il fattonz-punk di "Fat Butterfly" vi riporterà dalle parti di quel Lou Reed sognante adorato dal classic-post-rock italiano. "Know Your Orange!" è splendidamente electropunk nei modi, per esempio di una "Mimporta Nasega" (CSI). La riproposizione krautronica di "Rats from Strasbourg", invece, è un esecrabile eresia meritevole soltanto di inquisizione spagnola. Breve tour promozionale nel 2011 e poi più niente, fino a oggi compreso. Peccato. (Alberto Calorosi)

giovedì 2 dicembre 2021

Autopsy - Puncturing The Grotesque

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
This is vintage death metal from this band. It's odd like most of their releases in what they sound like. I would say that this is worth a "B" rating. It's good musically and with the vocals not to mention the production quality. I liked this EP a lot, their newer material I'm more a fan of. The old stuff I have a hard time getting into. Maybe it's the sound of the guitars/bass that reared me away from most of their releases. I'd say that they just are an acquired taste of a band. The vocals are just weird. It's not your typical death metal band. They have their own unique vibe to them. I'd say they have had a pivotal career making their death metal.

I'm glad I got this EP because I'm able to appreciate their sound more and it's a little more modern in the sense that the recording quality is good. The music is good, too! The leads excellent as well. All of this under 30 minute release is worthy of praise. The tempos change around a lot. They are in a way "gore metal". Their sound on here is just underground. It's difficult to get into if you're looking for something fast all the time. Autopsy plays around with tempos. That doesn't make them any lesser of a band in doing this. They want to take you down to the underground sound.

The sound quality (as I've said) is good! I think that the production did them well. It's better than previous releases. I haven't totally given up on the band, I've just sort of made a terms with them and their sound. And I think the more that I'm exposed to them, the more I will appreciate them. They're definitely atypical death metal. And that's evident on this EP, entirely! I think they change things up quite a bit. It's mostly just slower rhythms as the EP progresses. They have some catchy stuff in store for you! I'm glad they seem to get good appreciation by their fans on their material.

I'd say check this EP out on YouTube or maybe Spotify if it's on there. I bought the EP because it's recent and I figured that I'd get a better sense of what I'm getting into regarding their sound. It's definitely gore based. If you want just straightforward death metal, this isn't for you. Autopsy plays around with their sound all the way through. At least that's what they did on here. If you want something that's somewhat new and fresh then this is one to get. But give it a chance because the riffs are odd. And a lot of the music is just not your typical death metal band. Check it out! (

mercoledì 1 dicembre 2021

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domenica 28 novembre 2021

Blood of the Wolf - I: Law of Retaliation

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Black, Angelcorpse
A lot of tremolo picking going on and kick of the double bass drum, seems unrelenting! The vocals filled with screams and deep throat by Koniglio, their frontman. This whole album is intense. I'd have to say I enjoyed the entire onslaught of death/black metal these guys dish out. Reminds me a little of Angelcorpse, Perdition Temple and Belphagor. Not everything, just similarities but Mike (ex-Rellik) is somewhat better than these, in an album's sense. This being the debut release, it simply kicks ass!! It's just so intense and the riffs are brilliant. Amazing work here from all respects.

These guys tear it up and it's amazing some of these riffs go on for minutes. I mean the tremolo picked high-end riff in addition to the main guitar. Simply flawless pieces of work. 35 minutes here isn't enough! Great cover too of Marduk's "With Satan and Victorious Weapons." One thing about the debut (which is fine by me) are the lack of lead guitar. However, I feel that they make up for that in their compositions. Most of the songs are with repeated tremolo picking. But what sets them apart from the bands that I've mentioned are the vocals and their own utterly unique sound.

The music may sound like vintage death/black metal with its own kick and juice mixed with it. There's nothing I'd change about this release. It's violent and unrelenting. What great musicianship by these guys, all of them! The double bass drum is highly needed, but can cause a slight headache upon repeated listens to! I would NOT change anything on here. In some instances, I've linked Mike's vocals to sound a bit like Glen Benton during the 'Once Upon the Cross' and 'Serpents of the Light' days, but not entirely. There's a resemblance yes, but Mike is in a league of his own.

The production quality for an independent recording is sublime. You won't find a better sound to it than on here. Everything is mixed well and all the instruments with precision. I'd say the best thing about the album is the music itself. Original, classic, technical and intense! When I heard this I though "MONUMENTAL", by far. If you download the albums I&II on Spotify, you'll get a taste of both CD's. I thought this one was stronger than their follow-up. But both are resoundingly good! Buy the album, you won't regret it! At least show support for fellow Chicago metal bands! (Death8699)

Ars Magna Umbrae - Throne Between Worlds

#FOR FANS OF: Dissonant Black Metal
Poland has undoubtedly an impressive extreme metal scene in terms of quantity and quality. There is no need to mention all the notorious bands that almost every fan knows, but yes to spend a few minutes to carve below the surface and discover more obscure projects which may be quite interesting. The solo-project Ars Magna Umbrae is one of those musical efforts which may require our attention. This project was founded in 2017 by Petros Xolaiathyos, who had a previous experience in the scene with a black/death metal band called Cultum Interitum. In Ars Magna Umbrae Petros (aka K.M.) focuses his interest on the black metal genre and more particularly in a form of a atmospheric black metal with a certain degree of dissonance. The project has been quite active, having released three albums in the last four years.

'Throne Between Worlds' is the third one and continues, in terms of music and lyric concept, a similar patterns of the previous ones, as this album still keeps strong ties with esoterism and occultism as it happened also in the previous efforts. The atmosphere of 'Throne Between Worlds' is particularly dark and melancholic, feelings which are maintained strong through the whole record. Pace-wise, it’s not a particularly fast album as it focuses more on developing mid-tempo structures. There are ups and downs in the pace with certain moments of relentless fury, but they never last a lot. A quite clear example of it is the opener "Into Waters of the Underworld", a mainly mid-tempo track where the faster section of the middle shows a particularly dissonant touch. As we can appreciate, the main role is shared by the rasped vocals of K.M. and the distinctive riffs that will be a trademark of this album. As said, the guitar work is quite relevant in this opus with a good dose of work behind it. The riffing is multi-layered and with an important dose of dissonance, but thankfully not as predominant as it can be found in certain experimental albums. There is also a room for more delicate chords, which try to create a mysterious ambience in the most quite sections, as it happens for example in "Consecrating the Shrine of Undoing". This attempt to always create a cryptic essence in the music is the logic consequence of the conceptual background behind the music and it is a key element to create an honest album. The contrast between the most dissonant parts and the calmest and most atmospheric sections is particularly well-done and prominent in the track "Treader on the Dreamless Path" which is actually one of my favourite songs, if not the favourite one, as the combination of elements is quite inspired and somehow works better for me than in any other song. "Metempsychosis (Transmigration of the Soul)", the longest track, closes the album and it servers as a summary of the whole record as it contains all the aforementioned characteristics. It contains mid-tempo sections, an elaborated guitar work and that touch of dissonance through the entire track. We can also hear abrupted tempo-changes with furious rages and captivating calmer sections, all mixed to create a hypnotic track that fades out in the form of a gloomy ambient outro. I believe this is the perfect example of what Ars Magna Umbra wants to offer.

All in all, this is a quite interesting album with many elements on which to put some attention and an interesting lyrical concept behind it. It’s not an outstanding piece of work, but a quite interesting and enjoyable one. (Alain González Artola)

venerdì 26 novembre 2021

Catalano - Into The Darkness

#FOR FANS OF: Heavy/Power
Very moving heavy/power metal in an origin of Chicago. The vibe is what moves me in this whole album. It doesn't matter which song, the music itself is truly a gem. Fighting over the rights to the name "Catalano" with another Australian made band, well THIS is Catalano! Heavy/power metal that is fill with illustrious riffs echoing out of the speakers in joyful metal that's truly impressionistic. Some of the history here is well Pat mainly worked with their ex-vocalist on these songs while his brother wrote some. It's a thing in metal where things happen and band members just seem to walk away for whatever reason.

Songs are 3-4-5 minutes in length with a classic heavy metal vibe throughout with Pat's compositions showing true metal influences. The vocals reminds me to that of Helloween just not as high end as that. A really good vocalist, ABSOLUTELY! Shiny leads too that coincide with the rhythms. They poured out their hearts in this recording with a solid tone and balls to the rhythms. It was mainly Pat with his ex-vocalist working on this and they did some phenomenal things with sounds. It was a good combination for the recording everyone seemed to contribute. But this is Pat's band killing it!

Maybe a little of this truly is never enough (to paraphrase their track) because to me, a lot isn't even enough! Of course it's coming from a long-time metalhead (me). The vocals fit perfectly with the songs and the production is solid! Pat put a lot into this recording. I'm surprised that Catalano isn't that well known to the metal arena especially in roots lying in Chicago and that darn Australian band putting them in the mud especially on streaming sources such as Spotify and YouTube. These guys do a great job with their metal. Very catchy riffs, illicit leads and vocals that are those which are GRAND!

Overall, this band doesn't do anything surprising to heavy metal except blow it up in their own way with great music! I love the clean tones as well, especially on "Sirens" and "Runnin With The Wind." Some epic tracks! I think that they have their own sound with influences. Definitely a great project. They're now working with a female vocalist hopefully on new material. I think every song on here is KING. They didn't miss anything here and I hope that they'll get more press for their releases. They deserve it! This band just rocks and has a unique sound overall worth your while to listen to! (Death8699)