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martedì 2 agosto 2022

Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death
This is a top album by the band over their enormous career. The fact that it's a follow-up from the debut album, they show much superiority in songwriting here, my favorite ever. Barnes is better on here than 'Tomb of the Mutilated', he wasn't so burly sounding, just gruesome enough to show us that he's at his mightiest. The tempos of the songs are pretty fast and the riffs are top-notch. So are the leads. I'm surprised that at early on their style was ingenious. They knew how to construct death metal that has now lasted over 30 years. On 'Butchered At Birth', they took time to formulating riffs that instill precision.

There is no downfall found in this album, it's purely immaculate in its entirety. They really show the listener what a great release is where it's at: IT'S ON HERE! Barnes has no variability on here. It's purely deep throat the whole way through and the guitars are as I've said ingenious. The leads are quality too. I think it took quite a while to construct music like this because not only is it original sounding, but it's unique too. All of the songs took a shit-ton of guts to put forth throughout the entire entourage. These guys know how to kill it and not only that but KILL IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE ALBUM!

It's my favorite Cannibal Corpse release to this date. I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon here, I'm being honest about my preference in this respect. Barnes is solid the whole way through the way that wasn't evident on it's predecessor nor the follow-up from this on 'Tomb of the Mutilated'. I've found no flaws on this album and it'll continue to remain my favorite of all time. The music, vocals, production and sound quality is all tight. And Jack/Bob rip it up here on the guitars. Original member Alex Webster racks it on bass as well. Not to mention Glen Benton guest vocals on a track on here to show you that they were at a high level early on.

I bought this CD a while ago and you can probably hear it on YouTube if you're a newbie death metal fan or metal fan at that. I didn't find any flaws on here throughout the release. I would say support the band and buy the CD. And forget the digital, pull out your boom box and listen to it on there. That's where I started listening to it so take back time and go old school! These guys always showed that potential and on here they deliver. Definitely will remain my favorite release on here of all time but that doesn't mean the newer material is bad in any respect! Check this out! (Death8699)