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venerdì 19 agosto 2022

The Halo Effect - Days of the Lost

#FOR FANS OF: Swedish Death
I immensely liked this especially since the members and ex-members of my favorite bands are in this. The likes of Dark Tranquillity, Gardenian and In Flames shined on here. They really kicked ass in this melodic death metal onslaught but mild, not brutal. I wouldn't call these members here as "has beens" they are top notch musicians. With those bands and the variety in the music (distorted/clean) guitars it's not for really extreme metal it's more of mild as previously stated. They really put together some great melodies with utmost emotion to the likes of that at least. I liked all the songs I thought that they were well thought out songs.

I was waiting for this to come out and I wasn't disappointed at all. It's pure emotion in the vocals and guitars that are wholly experimental. The band did really good on here it's melodic death but not at all brutal. It's soft-listening. Kind of like the latest Dark Tranquillity 'Moment'. At least that's how they are on a lot of that release. They seemed to feel that the softer the better. I can understand that it doesn't resonate with every melodic death fan but it sure did with me. Jesper is still making music which is good because without him, In Flames took a turn for the absolute worst. It's good he's here.

These guys have produced good music with the guitars, vocals and keys/effects. It may get more negative press because of the tranquil songs wholly emotional but heart-felt. They didn't want something brutal in any aspect and that's apparent. They wanted something filled with diehard melodies and licks. Not a lot of lead guitars on here just harmonies and songs that kind of resemble In Flames-esque especially apparent on the In Flames 'Clayman' LP. That would be where Jesper steps in. But they all sound a mix of all three bands: Dark Tranquillity, Gardenian and In Flames. They just weaved melodic death into it and soared.

I realize that a lot of what I've said is that this release is a positive mark in the melodic death community but just remember it's really not heavy or wholly intense. These guys are making music still, yes but there's absolutely no brutality here. They just wanted something that's mild and diverse. So don't be disappointed that it's not heavier than it is the way it's come out. It's just soft and melodic but diverse and peaceful. I liked it immensely. I wasn't disappointed at all. It's something I needed to hear and it's not all about hard stuff all the time. This release will remind you of that. Check it out! (Death8699)