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sabato 27 agosto 2022

Van Diemen - Sarcophilus Laniarius

#FOR FANS OF: Melo Death
Patrick Schmidt, the one man band releases his second full-length German based melodic death metal based that has some pretty sick metal! The tempos are slow on all seven tracks, but they are filled with emotion! They remind me a lot of Dissection, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, et al. But there is a sort of echo and aura to the band. It's wholly dark but the riffs are the highlight to me! The vocals have some kick to them shouting like Jon from Dissection (RIP). That's what they remind me of totally. This guy (Patrick) is totally dedicated to his genre of metal. And he has some unique riffs. I liked this whole album. Only seven songs but 44 minutes in length.

This whole album is chill with a grim aura to it reminiscent of Darkthrone though this guy plays sick melodic death. And a lot of the riffs sound like Dark Tranquillity on the 'Projector' album. There are some bits of fast tempos, but so not much. I like the energy Patrick emits. The vocals compliment the music quite good! In constructing a melodic album as this they have all the components that make it listenable. They're really good at his melodic death craft. Just totally intriguing track after track. What a helluv a composition as this I don't really have anything bad to say about this one. It's solid.

The production quality is superb and even though this is new to me this band keeps improving from their debut album which got average rating press. I think this deserves a lot more! Some songs have clean guitars but only as an inro which segues into a lot of solid metal that just flows. At times it's hardcore in-your-face metal to more melodic episodes it's fascinating how they make sounds that are just immaculate. All of these songs deserve recognition. They are unique and unprecedented compositions of great music. Although they resemble the bands mentioned above they do have their own unique set of music.

I had no problem hearing this a few times with utter amazement. There's just nothing negative to say here. Pure melodic death array of sounds leaving the listener in awe. The vocals are pretty brutal but they fit the music quite well. I don't think that Patrick had any dips or songs that dragged on. All seven tracks are constructed and well thought out. For a pretty unknown band, he makes way to utterly mature and dazzling melodic death metal. I think that if he continues on this journey, he's going to be quite successful. I'm trying to make way for incoming listeners to love and respect this band! (Death8699)