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venerdì 12 agosto 2022

Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black
A good follow-up from 'Enthrone Darkness Triumphant', but this album didn't surpass it in my estimation. The riffs are good and the synthesizers not overly powerful, though they were powerful. Not enough to drown out the guitars though. I think the riffs were solid, catchy and thick. That's one thing their predecessor lacked. Yes, this album a little more heavy than the last. Just the riff writing needed to be stronger and more creative. That's my view at least, but I still gave the album a "B" rating. And Silenoz does a great job on vocals. He makes Dimmu who they are. It's too bad the newer releases aren't as strong.

I felt that the vocals, guitar and synthesizers were the highlights to the album. They really hit home with me. It's not my favorite Dimmu release, but it's up there. I felt that 'Stormblast' was too mild a release, still good though. They toned it up in a big way in terms of the guitars. But it didn't seem like the guitars flowed with the synthesizers. That's one thing I felt was so awesome about 'Enthrone Darkness Triumphant'. Everything seemed to flow together guitars and everything. Not on here.

Silenoz seemed ultimately angry on here though. It's a positive for the guitars to keep that aggression up there. It's just the riffs weren't catchy enough. They seemed to fall short even though the distortion tone was good, the riffs weren't. That may just be something I had to accept from this album. They really needed a better follow-up to keep the progression cycle in place. But I was mistaken. Dimmu just has had a winding path from glory to doom. If they continued on a stronger lineup, then maybe that would've transpired. But this wasn't the case. The line-up changes didn't do good for the band. Not on every album, just a good portion of them.

I felt that the production sound on here was good, but the music fell short. It's still good, but just like I said a "B" rating. If you've never heard this one or are new to Dimmu and their sound, you could make your own determination whether or not it suits you and your taste in symphonic black metal. I like this album, don't get me wrong, it's just not my favorite. I think ti'd be best to check it out on YouTube or Spotify to make your determination as to if you should be the CD. I bought the CD, but it sits on the shelf most days because 'Enthrone Darkness Triumphant' is more in my headset. But still, check it out! (Death8699)

(Nuclear Blast - 1999)
Score: 83