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venerdì 4 agosto 2023

Midnight - Let There Be Witchery

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Speed Metal
A truly likable band that has two genres mixed into one. They put on a good live show as well! I like the fact that they're a metal band that sounds just as they do without the likes of other bands. Unique riffs and songwriting. The vocals suit them well with the music too! I hope that they continue making newer and newer albums. This past tour with Mayhem they didn't steal the show but put on a great performance. I liked their entire set. They really have a lot of energy to them and the riff-writing for this studio release was top-notch. They know how to write some pretty great songs that captures like no other.

The riffs are the best part of the album! They totally light up the speakers and they've shown that they can continuously write music that is catchy and unique. The album is only about 34 minutes but the whole way through they kill it!

Some really wicked unique riffs on the guitar front. These guys just dominate and on purpose. They've demonstrated that as a few members that are in the band that they can be ultra creative. The leads are just somewhat of a drawback. But still, they dominate!

Production quality is also good. A really well rounded album all the way through! I'm glad that I picked this up and saw them live. I'm not familiar with their older stuff but it seems as though they got some similar ratings. I'm not surprised that this black/speed metal band has done well even with the lack of people that they have at their live shows. I'm happy that the album emulated their live show. The music is what stole the show for me. They totally know how to create good guitar riffs throughout. It's not likely that you'll hear a band that has these two different genres into one. Absolutely phenomenal! (Death8699)