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martedì 8 agosto 2023

Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash/Crossover
Probably the strongest Municipal Waste release that I've heard! It clocks in in under 30 minutes but the music/vocals captivates! I like the guitar the most and well the vocals were anything but annoying. This is a definitely good crossover/thrash band that's put together a great career! I think they did the metal community justice after all these years. Their albums may be short, but they hell of pack a punch, that's for sure. I'm not big on the lyrical concepts, I support their music only. Not what they write about. This one again the songs are short but catchy as all hell! I liked every song on here!

The riffs are way cool and the intensity is high. Definitely a band that you either love or hate though. I say that because it seems to be the case with listeners. I'm new to crossover and I'm liking it a lot! It's a change from death metal, I just need a break from that. The whole band contributed equally on here. They definitely contribute to metal's unique twist here. Everything seemed to fit into place with this release. I like a lot of their albums though. But yeah, this one hits home for sure. They just put it out there to the listener and a lot of people are saying the same thing about this one: it rocks!

The sound quality was good, maybe top notch! Everything on here is mixed really well! I'm glad they had that happen for them where everything seemed to come together on here. I hope that they were definitely proud of this release. They sure as hell amped the intensity! It's a half an hour of ear grueling noise-core! The vocals compliment the music well. I'd say this was likeable the first time around! Really good job on here, the music is the most convincing. And the vocals seemed to keep up that pace here, ABSOLUTELY. They did this band justice with making an everlasting effort to their genres.

I ordered the CD to this album. It was released in 2005 but hey I'm still old school when it comes to LP's. I like to have the physical copy of the album. I'm downsizing my collection, but the classics like this one will stay! If you're streaming, this one is available. Actually, quite a few of theirs is online. I checked out some before I ran into this one. I'm looking at the review scores and have to agree that this one deserves a perfect score wholeheartedly. They put together some great songs. I just wish that the album lasted longer. Oh well, I value the whole 30 minutes of this one! Check it! (Death8699)