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sabato 12 agosto 2023

Immortal - War Against All

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal
Demonaz has a strong sound to his vocals just liked Abbath did. Very similar. But on here, the riffs are tighter than most Immortal releases. There's a lot of the albums that I like, mostly 'At The Heart of Winter'. That one didn't have a strong production quality though. 'Blizzard Beasts' was a worst production but the riffs were great especially "Mountains of Might." This is another chapter of Immortal since the dispute didn't keep the band disconnected. I like the direction they're going on here. A lot of epic riffs all by Demonaz. This album is less than 40 minutes but it's worth every moment.

'Northern Chaos Gods' was good but I felt like this one is stronger. The riffs tighter and the intensity more so. Always have been a fan of this band and good to know that they're not dead, defunct. I'm not so impressed about what Abbath is doing with his project, but he has some good songs on his three releases so far. He's just got to quit drinking. This band had a little different dynamic when he was with the band. Less technical on the guitars than Demonaz but still there were a lot of great releases with him in the band. Demonaz was notorious for his lyric writing but now he's in the spotlight with the guitar riffs.

This band I hope has a long life following this one. I feel like the music is totally tight and original. Demonaz is a wizard with the riffs. Really creative and surreal in his music and it leaves Abbath in the dust with his technicality.

As long as Demonaz is the new frontman, he'll hopefully continue to write some more great music like he did on here. Really hit home with his riffs and the session musicians did a strong way in accompanying the riffs and vocals. Maybe he'll recruit some official musicians and tour. A lot of us want to see Immortal kicking ass even without Abbath. I know that's possible. This album tells it all! This guy has some great licks and the vocals emulate those of Abbath with a little twist. I do recommend every Immortal fan to listen to this one because it literally slays. On any platform, I bought the CD! Don't miss out on some great music! (Death8699)