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domenica 6 agosto 2023

Nunslaughter - Red is the Color of Ripping Death

#FOR FANS OF: Death Old School
Pretty cool Pittsburgh/Cleveland, Ohio based death metal. I was more than happy with this CD, my first one I owned of theirs. The music is what I appreciated the most and the vocals are atypical. They fluctuate which is a good thing that you don't get with standard death metal vocals. It's something to appreciate when artists are of a little variety based rather than the burly voices that you get from bands. I thought that the musical element was quite good as well. They make their riffs varying in intensity. And this one is I'd say a "screamer." Various degrees of fluctuation. While they're to me not good as an "70" rating, this album sure is good despite.

I thought that this was a pretty atypical death metal album that has a lot of highs and not so many lows. They vocals were a pinnacle and the guitars just took over and dominated. They went alongside well with the vocals.

This band kills it live and the studio recording of this one was top-notch. They were on top of their game on this one and there wasn't a time on here in the whole 35 minutes that was uninteresting or not entertaining. They slabbed their death metal in such a way that it was way happening and in no way "boring." Fluctuations in tempos, heavy down picked guitar riffs and an astounding production quality for Hells.

There's more and more bands signing on Hells Headbangers that are super underground that put forth way intriguing metal albums. They just have a way of making these death metal albums especially here on Nunslaughter that has been a total devastation. Really great production sound that did the band justice. It's helping the underground scene grow popularity and helping them get recognized. Tons of bands now on Hells kicking ass because of the label and mixing quality with a minimum amounts of flaws. Keep note on this band and other bands on this label to get justice where it needs to be! (Death8699)