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giovedì 31 agosto 2023

Gråande - S/t

#FOR FANS OF: Atmospheric Black
Coming from Sweden, Gråande is a new project recently created by two musicians, Nichil and Nachtzeit. The later one needs no presentation as he is the creator and only member of the well-stablished and respected project Lustre, among many other projects, all of them the quite enjoyable. Backed by the label Nordvis Produktion, the project has released a self-titled debut EP, consisting of only two tracks, but making it clear that Gråande has a quite interesting potential.

The EP 'Gråande' unsurprisingly confirms that the new project is firmly rooted in the black metal genre and, more precisely, in the niche of atmospheric black metal, as it happens with Lustre. However, contrary to his most famous project, Nachtzeit and his colleague Nichil, have forged two tracks with a slightly less trance inducing touch than what we can see in Lustre. The guitars, the rhythmic base and the vocals sound more powerful and powerfully rhythmic, and the music is definitively more intense here. But don’t get me wrong, the similarities are there and both projects don’t differ that much. The hypnotic keys are definitively present, and the general ambience also has its trance inducing touch, but with Gråande, the music definitively sounds a bit heavier. The second and shorter track, "Evighetens Kvarn", is the clearest example with its faster drums, quite unusual in Lustre, its cold-biting riffs and Nichil’s excellent shrieks, that sound quite powerful and desperate. The track is definitively a fine example of a crossover between atmospheric black metal and DSBM. The EP opener "Sjöar Ovan" sounds closer to what we have heard in Lustre or the always present influence of Burzum. This influence is stronger in two thirds of the song, where the evocative keys along with the mid-tempo guitars and the drums represent the trademark of the aforementioned projects. Nevertheless, as it happens in the second song, and as a characteristic aspect of this project, we can enjoy more energetic sections, where the drums have a more vivid pace and the guitars sound quite raspy, creating an excellent song of pure atmospheric black metal. In both tracks, shine the powerful vocals of Nichil, which is definitively a successful inclusion in Gråande.

This self-titled debut EP is without any doubt, a very solid beginning for Gråande, it brings the classic influences of Nachtzeit, but with a refreshing touch and, more important, a quality work in the creation of both tracks. Personally, I can’t wait to listen to a full-length of this project, as I am quite sure that many fans of the genre will rejoice. (Alain González Artola)

(Nordvis Produktion - 2023)
Score: 80