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martedì 4 maggio 2021

Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin At Dusk

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black
Good intro to the album with a clean, but dark track. It segues into the brilliant and blisteringly hyper-fast next 7 tracks. It is diverse, however, but all over the place in tempos. The one thing they could've taken off are some of the synthesizer contributions. Though this is their genre so of course of the music needs some variations. They're quite prevalent in diversity, insane riffing galore. And the vocals alongside the riffs make it even more brutal. This was their concept though back then just immersion in the black metal community. I like a lot of what they've come up with here so no complaints in that respect!

I would have to say that the earlier recordings gave more raw essence to the sounds of the music. It's like Dimmu Borgrir's 'Stormblast' which is wholly raw or early Darkthrone. Some people dig that kind of sound, I think it worked with Kriegsmaschine's 'Altered State of Divinity'. But rarely (to me) where there actual album that sound doggone awesome raw. I think once Emperor got more established, their recording quality got better and more polished. As this holds true with any black metal bands (with exceptions, of course). I did enjoy the guitar riffs on this LP, it was quite original and brutal riffing just mind-blowing.

Production quality as I stated was raw and the atmosphere was evil as hell. I don't think that they wanted anything other than that. Except for the intro of course. They really have had it in store to the listener. Just raw symphonic black metal all the way through. It was quite entertaining hearing this one. That is, to then follow-up to 'IX Equilibrium'. But this is a great predecessor just the riffs and sound quality are a step-up on that one than this one. But as I say, they're just establishing their sound and experimenting with riffs and overall music. They really got a hold of evil and stayed with it till the end of the album.

I went ahead and bought this album, but it's only for people who value extreme music especially black metal. I used to be apposed to a lot of black metal because it's depressing but it actually gives me a boost hearing something like this. I like the energy and extreme sounds that they dish out. I would have to say this is one of Emperor's better albums though still active maybe they'll surprise us in 2021 and come out with something new. I'm sure the sound quality will be much better than the old but the intensity willl probably still be there. I'm also sure that more bands were influenced by this one than select few others. Hear this one! (Death8699)

(Candlelight Records - 1997)
Score: 84