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martedì 4 maggio 2021

Carnation - Where Death Lies

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death
Follow-up from 'Chapel of Abhorrence' and not a bad one to say the least! The music is "B" average in my humble opinion. I just thought that I'd write about the first release to pave way into developing verbiage on their next album here, 'Where Death Lies'. So, songwriting wise they're pretty keen on ingenuity and unique riff-writing. It no longer sounds like Corpsegrinder on vocals, it's sounds more like Alex via Krisiun. But in any case, all of this was worth a listen to or more! I'm happy to say all 9 tracks were good given their reputation on the first one with writing good songs. I think the diversity is here, too.

I like the overall sound to this album, the quality at least. And everything seems to fit well. It isn't all fast it's got the aggression to it, but then again has it's mild pieces as well. But overall, good death metal. Good in the sense of diversifying. I like that about this, it makes it so much more interesting as a listener and fan of their music. I can say that the name of the band is a little atypical for death metal, but ok I get it. So yes, 'Where Death Lies' was actually referred to me by a fellow friend and I pretty much liked it upon my first listen to this. I think their songwriting or riff-writing is all unique. And good leads to say the least.

Production quality was awesome be it that all of the music and vocals were mixed in properly. This album was about long enough (40 minutes) but I would've liked more. That in a sense is alright. I didn't take off points for that fact. But yeah, Carnation has some guitar work that is pretty innovative. The brutality factor is there as well! But about as good as the first release. I'm convinced that listening to it more and more makes me like it even more and more. They have such a way of writing the riffs that are damn cool and interesting. Hearing all of this makes me want to refer others to this album, ABSOLUTELY.

If you've got a listen to on Spotify, I think it's enough to make you want the CD itself. Even if you don't, you can still take a listen and draw your own conclusion about the quality of this release. If not, that's alright. But at least you'd given it a chance. If you've liked it, maybe if you collect CD's you'd want this alongside your collection. I had to get the CD because I though similar of what I thought about the first album. And that was the quality of the riffs and recording. I've much become a fan of this band and I'm looking forward to future releases by them to add to their utmost sense of quality in songwriting. Check it out! (Death8699)