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lunedì 31 maggio 2021

Ragestorm - The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Thrash
How can this album possible get an average of 53%?! I've enjoyed this the whole way through. There were some peaks and valleys, but I felt that musically the double genre of death/thrash is quite unique. You have low burly vocals mixed with high-end screams with music appeasing me at least for that much. This Italian based band I've discovered by chance that it was sent to me without any idea of how much I appreciated the full-length. There was one song I felt that they could've left out but other than that, a gem of a release. What caught me aside from the vocal aspect was the guitar riffs. I liked the tone the crunch aspect of it all.

I appreciated the overall essence of the album. The vibe and riffs. It was more thrash based than death, but all in all it was a great encore of metal music Italian style. These guys knew what they were doing musically though many people seemed that they were at fault and not at all on course to the making of this release. I however, felt that it a very strong release that made it's way in the genres wholeheartedly. An effort that shines bright in metal an how music like this was possible to metal it sure showed itself on here. The only beef I had was one song that I don't think was appropriate for the album. So I took points off for that.

The sound production was illustrious. The quality shared a mark in this mixing and they put all 52+ minutes into this wholesome release of death/thrash. I believe that it was an ABSOLUTELY killer release which I cannot fathom why the press failed them on here. But I'm to speak of my opinion of this album. They deserve more credit to this gettogether of genres mixed. I though it to be well dished out. The songs were solid, the riffs were SICK and the songs overall were well done nuff-said! This album I didn't think would really hit home with me, but in fact it did more than just that. It sparked more interest in Italian metal bands.

I was a lucky one to actually have this shipped to me from Finland. So, I didn't have to dish out any money for it. It is available on YouTube and Spotify I believe. I prefer the CD itself but nowadays everything's digital. Only a few collectors like me. But anyway, don't listen to the critics, listen to the vocals and the riffs. They will blow you away, YES! I enjoyed this whole release and I'm curious to hear more from the band since this one is their debut full-length. It shows that they're active, so I just wonder what's going on with them since it's almost 8 years since their debut (this one). Check them out, pretty killer material! (Death8699)