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giovedì 25 luglio 2019

Pando - Negligible Senescence

#FOR FANS OF: Dark/Industrial/Black
'Negligible Senescence' is the 2016 debut release from Industrial Alternative Progressive Rock outfit Pando, recently re-released by Aesthetic Death. On the opening track "Residue", the first strum of the guitar sounds like 1997's "Kiss The Rain" by Billie Myers but doesn't continue as so, leading into a mariachi riff with borderline satanic growling vocals which seem out of place (a common theme throughout the first half the album). Following on from the opener is "Runt", which leads with a funky Rock n Roll riff that the Black Keys would be proud of, however, the vocals again seem like they are disjointed from the music. "Trek Through Utah Desert" has a pleasant sound (in comparison), but throughout the album, there is the inclusion of voice and sound samples that are a mostly meaningless contribution to the sound serving only to elongate the track times in an attempt to make the music seem progressive. Midway into the album, the sound transitions into Industrial Doom Rock, and for the first time the vocal style actually complements the sound. "Allisandrina" is one of the calmer moments of the album, making you feel as if you are stranded at sea whilst your deck hand is uneasily serenading you because of the lack of fish you have caught. The closing track "Ohm" is uninspired atmospheric tosh, that makes you feel like you're sitting in a damp cave, which I'm sorry to say is where this album belongs. Overall, it seems Pando had a bold idea to deliver an album (as the album name suggests) that has no signs of ageing as time goes on, however it fails in it's pursuit, leaving you with a disjointed feeling of dissatisfaction. (Stuart Barber)