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lunedì 8 luglio 2019

Lustre - Another Time, Another Place (Chapter Two)

#FOR FANS OF: Ambient Black, Burzum, Mesarthim
Allowing electric sustain to decay into itself, like an ouroboros circling a distant star, “The Light of Eternity” gleams, suspended in space and only slightly changing during its vast lifetime as twinkling sunspots appear and dissipate along the surface of this bubbling sphere of sound. Below is chaos, the grumble of high-efficiency fusion churning vibrations down to string level and hoisting the weight of this newly formed sound by the fabric of space-time. Lustre attempts to burn eternal.

Unlike the previous compilation, the desperation in the howls from the torture of experiencing “The Light of Eternity” takes Lustre into a more dichotomous and significant territory where the drama and majesty of its celestial twinkling transfixes the mind while the achingly static inanity of lesser beings intrigue an artist obsessed with the broad brushstrokes of his universe.

Unfortunately, there is an insufferable inanity to “Waves of the Worm” where no nobility is experienced in its endless undulation. Through seven and a half minutes of a static Pink Floyd synth intro that would not be out of place throughout the opening moments of 'Wish You Were Here' and no songwriting to speak of backing its incessant idleness, this track has less appeal to it than the average Lustre experience and becomes a frustratingly placid piece of pretense even for this artist. For a band as low key and pedestrian as Lustre's music can get, this is a painfully slow disappointment with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Where Lustre's previous theme of gradually moving between the seasons and enduring the privations of the most desperate times of year made its early work enchant and lure a listener into its voluminous verses, this second segment of Nachtzeit's compilation series shows the inconsistency that even such a glacial ambient sound can have when a musician has yet to truly nurture his theme and hone his craft. This second chapter in Lustre's 'Another Time, Another Place' series consists of the Swedish bedroom band's earliest demo, 'Serenity' from November 2008, and rounds itself out with the September 2013 EP 'A Spark of Times of Old'. Clocking in only twenty-seven seconds longer than the previous seasonal styled release, this wider scope and breadth of scale from the concerns of the celestial to the minutiae of the minute have some difficulty in capturing the imagination despite displaying the musician's apparent desperation.

Despite “Waves of the Worm” coalescing into a lackluster track, synthetic xylophone returns, clinking along its counterpointing scale in a dull sighing lull, like slowly accepting the gravity of a singularity and observing the abyss overcome all vision in “A Spark of Times of Old” to redeem the release. Surrounded by truly sinister hissing, the dreary atmospheric organ synthetically shapes itself through the tinkle of an incontinent artist curling his spine and shrinking back into the cave from which he has so briefly emerged. After observing the majesty that awaits him, the daunting energies of the ever-burning celestial colossus, and the wretched struggle of the worm wriggling in the filth from which all life emerges, Nachzeit finally crawls back to do what he does best. Crying in his cave, feebly attempting to scare off the creepy crawlies that intrude into his small circle of light, this experiment with the outside world has confirmed his suspicions, there is nothing but dread outside his comfort zone. Instead, Lustre continues to linger, longing for its uninterrupted innocence and seeking simply a safe stagnation. (Five_Nails)