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giovedì 4 luglio 2019

Lustre - Another Time, Another Place (Chapter One)

#FOR FANS OF: Ambient Black, Burzum, Mesarthim
Delving into Lustre's back catalog, 'Another Time, Another Place (Chapter One)' unearths an unreleased EP in the form of 'The Ardour of Autumn' (2013) and blends it into a reissue of the 2009 EP, 'Welcome Winter', to round out a forty minute foray into Lustre's ever-inviting comfort zone.

In a world of shrieking solos and furious drum fills, Lustre's delicate and intimate ambiances can leave a listener feeling as though he is the brutish beast accidentally intruding into a fragile shop brimming with decorative curios. The relaxing sigh of this music fogs the mind with easing endorphins as sprays of guitar foam hush the tinny keyboard resonance at the top, surrounding the space behind this crisp tinkering foreground with fuzzy gravitational waves. Like crossing that small shop's threshold and stepping into world stagnating in its antiquity, Lustre leaves the chaos of a city or the battles across a countryside swarmed by foes behind in order to bounce around Balamb or cast a line from Fisherman's Horizon in a mini-game of metal where its majesty is in its sickly sweet musical menagerie melting across an icy landscape and an even more frigid furrowed brow.

Dim flickering melodies happily bounce shadows away, like tongues of flame inviting company into the comfort of newly-created nostalgia. Holding back the chill of autumn breezes, the newly debuted 'Ardour of Autumn' is choreographed like the coordinated drips of condensation accumulating from stalactites as fingers of time run round the rims of glassy puddles of eternity to hum life into such stoic silence. With a background of weighty guitar grain chased down by hushed snarls, even the most sinister muffled shriek becomes a whisper of distant malevolence as fleeting furies etch their echoes into memory.

The bestial backdrop of “The Ardour of Autumn (Part 1)” swells and shrinks the chest like a cigarette sigh by the fire pit while the rest of the plastered party shakes the property's foundation at the basement battle station. A melancholic turn, as though the happy plodding of those sweatshirt-clad evenings has finally ushered in the first snows of November, heralds the drag of evenings into the wee hours of the morning as alcohol affects emotions and the second wind of the night brings a brain bursting with forlorn thoughts, the blur of guitar rising to more prominence in the mix and the peaceful synth shedding small tears tasting of bygone torments so far away yet lingering as woeful reminiscences of one's past innocence.

There is little jauntiness to these highly-structured tunes, merely a relaxing and mystical, brooding and funerary feel that implores a listener to contemplate not only its own relentless embrace but also the wandering thoughts that such strict structures incubate in a brain craving the chaos of creativity. Still, after the ears are deadened by another session of the metalhead's traditional form of therapy, the intrigue and ambiance of Lustre becomes an almost magical nightcap to an evening of howls and growls. (Five_Nails)