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martedì 16 luglio 2019

Oui! The North - Make an O with the Ass of the Glass

#PER CHI AMA: New Wave/Electro Dark, Joy Division, The Cure
'Make an O with the Ass of the Glass' is the debut album by Peschiera del Garda (Verona) based band Oui! The North, from Marco Patrimonio and Marco Vincenzi (previously guitarists in the Italian rock band Le Pistole alla Tempia) with contributions from local musicians including Stefano Bonadiman (former LPAT bassist), Matteo Baldi (from WOWS) and Giorgia Sette, a local singer and songwriter, to name a few. The post New Wave journey begins with "Radio City Hall", which initially is light and uplifting and then descends into electronic darkness paying tribute to the New Wave sounds of the 80's. Following on from the opener we are treated to, what would sound like if Joy Division made a video game soundtrack, with simple heartbreaking lyrics, loaded with meaning, and as soon as the electronics kick in, we are racing towards a subdued Depeche Mode sound. "The Moon Of Tangeri" starts where "Radio City Hall" leaves off and feels like a twisting funky town training montage for the future. "Sermon" follows with it's stomping melody and the contradictory God loving preaching speech along with a funky electro sound that makes you realise, you need to see Oui The North live. "As Sincere As Never Before" has a tranquil Atari game accomplishment vibe, with ocean wave sounds mixed with aggressive jet engine sounds which somehow compliment each other making for a charming piece. "True Love" reminds us that Oui! The North can transition between darkness and tranquility with ease and "A Kind Of Aggression" reminds us just how good of musicians Oui! The North really are with their dark optimism that continues to surprise by never becoming repetitive. 'Make an O with the Ass of the Glass' by Oui! The North is a post New Wave romp, that delivers and is an album you didn't know you needed but definitely do. (Stuart Barber)