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lunedì 25 settembre 2023

Cryptopsy - As Gomorrah Burns

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Techno Death
I feel like this album was treated rather poorly among critics yet some actually had some decent ratings. Where 'Whisper Supremacy' left off this one was the other half of it (to me). It was only another 30+ minutes but it raped the eardrums like its predecessor. I really enjoyed it and gave the artist credit by buying the CD. Any little bit helps, right? In this modern age of streaming albums, artists are suffering. 'As Gomorrah Burns' was like blasting beats behind the set and lethal guitar pieces. Songs didn't overlap, they kept the intensity high and a lot of the guitar harmonics were noteworthy. Definitely worth checking out if extreme death metal is to your liking.

The vocals were a little different, mainly they were two (it sounded like) contributors so in that respect a little different then 'Whisper...' But it sure as hell went along nicely to this onslaught of a recording. They didn't let up in intensity. I liked that about the album.

What kept me interested in the album was not just the intensity, but the guitars, the vocals and the overall sound. I thought that the way there were tempo changes often again in retrospect like 'Whisper...' too! The crunch guitars sounded killer. The distortion they used, that is. The drums kept alongside the guitars quite well. These guys built a concept into what is meant by "extreme." To look at this release in a negative fashion is not fair in an overall analysis. Because what you have here is top death metal music in an abhorrent sickness. They just toppled your speakers with noise that was in the vein of other extreme acts such as newer Exhumed, et al.

The pace just never wants to let up on here. Good production quality, too. I especially enjoyed the guitars. I felt like they just took over everything tempos, leads, distortion, and harmonics. One thing that struck me was the difference in the voice category. As discussed previously, both interchanging these low bello growls with screaming kept it more interesting to get into. It was one thing that lacked on 'Whisper...'. Well, to me, that is. I feel like this is one of the top albums in 2023. It has so much substance. It blew me away. Don't just download it, buy it. Show the death metal community that you're still supporting the scene. Those of you that got rid of your CD player, well, I don't know what to tell you then. Just give it a listen to in some form! (Death8699)