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mercoledì 27 settembre 2023

Sinister - Afterburner

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
This album is totally brutal. The vocals especially! The guitar riffs shred too. Really technical playing and unique. The whole album is remarkable. It’s my first introduction to Sinister I bought the album after hearing it. Totally blown away upon first listen to. These guys have quite a discography. And most of their press is positive. Not everything, just the bulk of it. This one is totally mind-blowing. And it’s hard to keep up with the technical riffs. The vocals slay and go along well with the music.

I think it’s safe to say that I enjoyed the music over the vocals, but overall, it’s a phenomenal album. The amount of effort they have with the guitars/riffs. Really fast tempos. And the vocals are just vintage Sinister. I’m curious as to what their other albums are like. I’m willing to check out more releases. Once I get my new boombox I’m going to blare this. I already bought the CD. What a gem of a release. These guys define what good death metal should sound like!

In some portions, the vocals are redefining what brutal is what’s it should sound like! The songs are on average of five minutes approximately. The riffs vary a lot of fast guitars but some laid back though not that many. A lot of tremolo picking and some songs it just doesn’t let up! Good sound quality too in the production and overall sound. They’ve tackled this one immensely. If you buy the CD, it’s doing the band justice. Even though this is a 2006 release (but reissued in a super jewel box edition in 2022), it’s still filled with vigor.

There aren’t a lot of lead guitar work though which I don’t mind because if the solos are sub-par, it ruins the rhythms. So I’m glad that they took this route and performed mostly rhythm guitar. Their leads were just a few. So the rating scale is up there due to this and they deserved what they put out here with the music and vocals. I’m glad that the sound quality was top notch. And the mixing went well entirely. These guys kick some serious butt! (Death8699) 

(Nuclear Blast/Cosmic Key Creations - 2006/2022)
Score: 78