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lunedì 25 settembre 2023

Atrocity - Okkult III

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
Definitely a strong release by the band, in effect, a boon for the band. Great riffs and the vocal aspect is impeccable. These guys show variations in the genre which makes them quite unique. The vocals compliment the music wholeheartedly. And the mixing/production quality is strong. They’re quite diverse on here. Different styles of vocals throughout. And the riffs are ever-changing. They just seem to fluctuate tremendously.

The variation in tempos and riffs are amazing. They seem to buckle down and get this variation genre wholeheartedly. The drums are hyper vigilant as well. A lot of double bass and furious tempos.

I thought that they did well on the lead guitar aspect as well. Some bands don’t hack it with leads but they seem to hit-home with them. The variants in styles and riffs make this a diverse release. It’s never boring they’re bringing forth music that’s like no other. I love how they’re able to get that sense of fluctuation.

Mind you, this is the first time ever hearing this band. I was quite impressed with how they constructed their music. It’s quite unique and played with vigor. Some odd song titles but the music dominates.

Their guitars seem to resonate with the listener. They’re pretty much all over the place and technical. Everything seemed to be on-point with the music. Totally their own style. I suppose that it’s a known that their style of music shows various genres not just one or two. That’s probably why their genre is listed as “various.” A pure abomination on this one, they hit home with their concepts. It’s totally enjoyable to the musical listener. Follow these guy’s riffs and you’ll be amazed how much the genres they wedge into one of many different ones throughout the release. I’d be a little confused about the song titles but that’s just how they decided to put them together. A band that totally needs more recognition because they deserve it and want them to hang around the metal musical community for a long while. Get this one and you’ll be amazed. A pure abomination! (Death8699)

(Massacre Records - 2023)
Score: 78