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domenica 17 settembre 2023

...And Oceans - As In Gardens, So In Tombs

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black
This is my introduction to ...And Oceans and I feel like they have a strong melodic death type of vibe. A lot of members belting out sounds so surreal. I cannot believe that I just discovered them. They have so many highlights to their music. The vocals hold screaming exceptionally. And the melodies are amazing. I don't really have any complaints about the album just that it's super intense and epic. They know how to incorporate magical sounds with no sense of letting up! The keyboards are in sync with the rest of the music and the tempos vary in an illustrious fashion. This whole album is tops with me.

One of the better albums of 2023 and it holds a great boon to their discography. There are variations to the songs. So are keyboard related but the most of what shows here is a vehement of a pinnacle sound that can only be ....And Oceans.

This whole album shows brutality with tremolo picking galore with the guitars and that is showing throughout. The vocals are hardcore screaming and intense. There's a lot of hate on here. And they seem to pull it off in their music and melodies. I believe there's 6 member lineup blasting away. This all encompassing gem has to be one of their best to date. Or at lease some of what I've heard. Don't cheap out and stream this, get the CD! You'll thank me for that because ...And Oceans is a top notch band that deserves to hold existence in the metal community! They need more followers!

These guys are among the best in the industry. They hold such an epic sound to them. The music compliments the vocals and the production quality is tops with me. These guys deserve a very good rating to this because it's phenomenal. Own the CD! (Death8699)