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martedì 19 settembre 2023

In Flames - The Jester Race

#FOR FANS OF: Melo Swedish Death
Vintage In Flames before the fall of them. I’d say that every one of theirs all up until Jesper left and 'Clayman' was the last good IF album in existence. I get that he struggled with Alcoholism and later participated on The Halo Effect with other great musicians on that album. 'The Jester Race' is probably the most profound IF album in existence. I’d say this one, 'Whoracle', 'Colony', and 'Clayman' were their strongest releases. But 'The Jester Race' is the most melodic and original release by the band that took precedence over all their albums.

The guitars took over here and flourished throughout the album. The production wasn’t the best but the release is from 1996. So that’s the reason it’s not 100%. But the music is. All of the songs on here are epic and defined melodic death metal possibly the best sounding melodic release of that era. The vocals are good as well. It’s totally different now that Jesper is out of the band and they changed their genre of music. That’s why long-time followers stopped liking them including me. It just is bland.

All of these songs have guitars at their best. If you try to disprove of them you’ll come up short. The melodies and vocals annihilate. It’s not a hardcore release, it’s mainly just a melodic release that’s dominated the metal community and will forever make history with this one. The rhythms and the leads lead the way to perfection. If you can’t hear that in the music, then you’ve got to be tone deaf. These songs paved the wave towards effective melodic death metal.

Every band has good and bad releases. But this band gave up when 'Siren Charms' was released. Their melodic/groove metal is pathetic. Jesper I think saw the direction the band was going and just opted out of the band. Why else why else would he leave? I don’t see him quitting metal especially playing with other melodic death musicians in The Halo Effect. He’ll always be remembered as a phenomenal musician in IF now transferred to The Halo Effect. But check this one because it’s epic! (Death8699)