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martedì 14 marzo 2023

Old Man's Child - Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black
I don't think this album is "boring" at all. Sure maybe to other critics but not to me. I thought that this was a total monument. Such a great follow-up from 'The Pagan Prosperity'. It has better music and production quality. I liked the songs on here more than their predecessor. The vocals are still solid on here matches up with the music. Kind of guttural Galder but still GOOD! He's done great things for his project here. I think maybe nowadays he's spending too much time in Dimmu Borgir where he should be capitalizing with this project. Dimmu hasn't had a good album since maybe 'In Sorte Diaboli'. On here, he dominates on all instruments!

Every song is good and they are somewhat lengthy. But that's good, he has so much to offer musically. A true legend in every respect. I like his vocals too they're dark and the screams are totally fathomable. He really topped his musicianship on here. I think that this is one of his best releases out of all of them. The music, the production, sound quality, vocals and overall effort was ingenious. This guy knows exactly how to make music that's within a somewhat dying genre: melodic black metal. Naglar is tops on their genre like this one. But I like Old Man's Child more. They aren't all about speed.

This album is super catchy. I liked every single song on here but just to give you an idea, here's some: "Towards Eternity", "Demoniacal Possession" and  "My Evil Revelations." These are just to give you an idea of what this album is like. He has such catchy capabilities on this release. I think more so than 'The Pagan Prosperity', he just stepped it up a notch and the fact that the sound quality is much better he had it made on here. No need to criticize the album and coin it as "boring." He did a great job on the songwriting and overall musicianship. Totally dominated!

Check out those songs or the other tracks too and see what you think. This album was recorded about 25 years ago and still holds weight in the best albums category. Galder has spent a lot of time with Dimmu and I think that if Old Man's Child is still active he should release a new album. Dimmu hasn't done many good albums for a long while. He should take a step back from them and record an album with this project! He founded this band and has shown us his amazing talent on all instruments not to mention vocals that totally crush! He tears it all up on here. Have a listen! (Death8699)
(Century Media/Cosmic Key Creations  - 1998/2020)
Score: 80