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giovedì 2 marzo 2023

Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem

#FOR FANS OF: Melo Death
What a fantastic release musically! These guys might've changed their genre(s), but they're still belting out some magnificent music! The riffs are amazingly technical and the vocals compliment the music wholeheartedly. The album is pretty brutal and melodic at the same time! Their melodies and intensity are all there. These guys know what the heck they're doing in the songwriting aspect. They totally slay. I'm surprised not a lot of people have heard about this band. They're totally technical and full of intensity. The whole album is like this. Some melodies sound like early Arch Enemy. But not duplicated, just a resemblance.

This whole album deserves praise from listeners. They're really fast in the picking department (guitars) and heavy rhythms. Definitely one fine album that was released last year! I hope that their CD will be out and available, I have yet to find it but I will!

There's a trade-off with the vocals, some screaming and some deep throat. It accompanies the music quite well. I'm rating this as an "79" because there are so many good things about this album. The music is tops with me!

I liked the production quality the music went fantastic alongside everything else. The riffs are so catchy and noteworthy! That's my favorite aspect of the album. But I dug the vocals as well and the drums go well alongside the insane music. These guys do great keeping up their pace. It's amazingly crafted. There are some clean guitars, but not a lot. They're melodic as all hell on here. They deserve credit for making a release that's as dynamite as this one is! The guitars are the most catchy and admirable than anything else on here. Everything fit into place on here and let's hope that they have quite a career here in metal! (Death8699)