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giovedì 2 marzo 2023

Purgatory - Apotheosis of Anti Light

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death
These guys are amazing death metal! And brutal as all hell. The vocals are utmost brutal and the guitars are mostly fast with a furious tempo. They know how to make some awesome death metal. Their album is about 45 minutes long and it's worth a listen to. I actually discovered this band from a friend of mine. What an awesome suggestion! I liked this whole release. It's immaculate and HEAVY. The vocals make it more brutal as the guitars are fast. They somewhat grind on here. They don't let up much in the intensity factor. The whole way through they're absolute dynamite.

I like the overall riffs they're catchy and unique. They play some harmonies too with the guitars. And the leads are impeccable. They're totally heavy and they don't let up much in the tempos. Maybe sometimes they a little less fierce but not much. A lot of blast beating and tremolo picking on the guitars. The riffs are totally catchy. These Germans know how to make good death metal. And they're not borrowing the Swedish sound like some bands do like Fleshcrawl (as an example). They've got their own sound and man are the drums totally wicked. I'm so loving what I heard from these guys!

The sound quality is top notch. Everything is mixed well the production is quality. It's hard to find acts that have good recordings. This one seems to be immaculate. And it does the album justice, absolutely! These guys I hope will be around longer. They've been around since maybe 1993 or thereabouts. I'm just discovering them! That's alright though. Their music and vocals are killer. The songs are powerful and intense. They seem to not let up much on the intensity. They're pretty insanely brutal this whole album. I'm glad that they're taking their aggression seriously and getting out the anger!

This album doesn't really lack anything. Just the vocals take a little getting used to (for me) but I think that they suited the music. Some songs to check out would be "The Moaning of Dismal Halls", "Deny! Deny!! Deny!!!" and "Pantheon of Slaughters." The whole album is amazing! They totally slay in the music department! The music is what made me a fan. These guys don't let up much. Their intensity and their vocals mixed in with the awesome drums totally slays. It's worth listening to this album if you're a fan of Dying Fetus, old Deicide and a Chicago based band called Cardiac Arrest. Check it! (Death8699)