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domenica 17 luglio 2022

Valkyrja - Contamination

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal, Marduk
What a black metal onslaught! And depressing as hell. I like the rhythm guitars and the vocals. It's typical fast-paced black metal with an aura of a grim setting throughout. I enjoyed this whole release! I don't care what the ratings are for this, I thought that it was solid! Pretty fast songs that actually fluctuate tempo-wise. The sound quality was good as well. I like the vocals, too! What invigorating yet solemn songs. It's hell of worth checking out to hear some grim songs. Tempos do change but the variety makes you guessing throughout. I thought that all the songs are good. Great Swedish metal mongers.

I've never heard of this band before hitting the record store this past week and thought it might be interesting. I was right about it and found it quite entertaining. I think the biggest factor is the variation in tempos. So yeah, there always going to keep you guessing on here. The music is my favorite, absolutely! The riffs were a lot of tremolo picking and down-picking. It doesn't let up till bam it gets slow and dark. That's why I like this one it's not even close to a 'Panzer Division Marduk' it's more of what's suitable for this band. They know how to be right in the composition factor. I didn't have any issues as far as that goes.

I like the sound quality to this recording. The production is damn good and the instruments were well blended into the mix. I like also that nothing was left out instrument or vocal wise. Such a great release that's just stunning when you first hear it. It's about an hour in length I don't like too many short albums (with exceptions). I thought that they did a great job though they do resemble other black metal bands but not entirely. I think that they have their own sound and vibe to their music. Sure as heck I'm going to support them because they to me are simply and awesome quartet. They really hit home!

Check this album out! I thought it pretty innovative and surprisingly good black metal. They did well in terms of a follow-up from their debut. I don't really have a beef with this recording at all. I'm not listening to anyone regarding the release. They wrote some dynamic songs and deserve a good rating to them! Please do yourself a favor and look into this album. Even if it is Spotify or YouTube that you find this it's worth it! You will not be disappointed. Especially if you are a black metal fan especially Swedish based you'll love it! Take my word for it! (Death8699)

(Metal Blade Records - 2010)
Score: 77