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lunedì 13 settembre 2021

Dying Empire - Dystopia

#FOR FANS OF: Melo Death
This album is way HEAVY and to the point. These guys show maturity in their songwriting skills. I'm glad that this was sent to me (as a gift). It's sure worth "playing time" since it's the genre that I highly respect: melodic death metal. There aren't enough bands nowadays that play this style anymore. At least, not to my knowledge. In any case, these guys really hit home here. It's not just "HEAVY" but it shows some ferocious tenacity. They really bleed the eardrums. The riffs are fantastic and straightforward. They leave no prisoners here. I though that album concept was simply ingenious. Great songwriting!

The vocals are split which suits the music. But you have an etch of Carcass in their during the 'Necoticism/Heartwork' days. Not entirely, but they show their influences as that. I'm surprised that they don't have an extra extent hearing this great melodic death metal! They deserve a bigger audience. With music like this, they play out a lot of modern bands. I believe that they're suited up for more great things! Their guitars are tuned low like Carcass and some of the melodies (like I said) reveal their true influences. And the vocal tradeoff (growls/screams) are a lot like other bands that have done it like that.

I'm hearing most of their own stuff though despite their obvious influences. They don't need to prove anything with their music, they've done it on here. I haven't heard their newer stuff, but on here is enough to get a feel for what the future has in store. Anyway, I have nothing but admiration of this band. They spent 42+ minutes of music that just has total balls to it. I'm in deep thought every time I hear this thinking of what good can I say here that they absolutely deserve. Well, expect heavy guitarwork, aggressive vocals, and great sound quality which makes it a pinnacle of an album. Nothing on here is "wishy washy." They killed it on here.

I would urge you to try this one if you're into extreme metal. It's got everything that makes for good in an album, remarkable. And the music if you're a guitar player is phenomenal. Technical at points and unrelenting. Definitely shows age and experience in writing for this release. I still can't believe that no one has commented on how great this release is! It's definitely up to par on simply great albums that I pointed out on this review. Please do yourself a favor and check out some of their work at least. Even if it's just a song on here, something! It's worth you listening time to this! (Death8699)

(Art Gates Records - 2015)
Score: 75