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lunedì 13 settembre 2021

Barbarian Prophecies - Horizon

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Death
Absolutely the best Barbarian Prophecies album I've ever heard. It's just so diverse but not overly experimental. It's got elements of death metal and black together but it's also weaved into the genre of melodic death metal. The vocals are brutal (female) it doesn't sound like female vocals at all. But yes, these guys did a great job on everything on here. They seem to capture all avenues of metal here which makes it so not boring or long drawn out 52 minutes of boredom. It's anything but that. I like the tempo changes, the melodies, the brutality and the calm (when there is some!). I'm greatly appreciating the band's effort to step up their potential.

I do have to say that the vocals are yes a bit harsh making the music a bit drowned out, but not to the super degree that it is. It's actually all right, it's just at time a bit overbearing. But I didn't take points off because of it. I think it did fit the music well, it's just a little over-the-top but decidedly that, an excellent effort. What took me to liking the album so much was that it has so much variety and the riffs are totally original. I like the melodies a great deal. They kicked ass on the guitars/drums totally. They're not a lot of lead guitar action just a lot of melodies (as I've stated). Perfectly fine because a lot of leads can make or break an album.

I actually got to listen to this well before the album was released. I totally had a perfect "A" a couple of months ago before the albums release because I was that impressed. It really struck me as a great melodic death release. The production, sound quality, mixing was all there. The guitars stole it for me but as a band an ultimate success. No complaints really other than what I said before about the vocals. But that's rectified entirely. "Alpha" has to be my favorite track on the whole release though I liked all the song. A monument in their discography. It's amazing what a few years can make and maturity!

You'll have to wait till November for the CD to come into circulation. For the time being, Spotify and YouTube has the whole album. This band has come quite a ways since their 20 years in circulation via the music scene. They really have no holds barred on here but there are breaks during the songs it isn't all brutal. The melodies stole it for me. And the rhythms, but all in all an excellent release. Barbarian Prophecies needs to get more well known in the scene. Maybe popular in Spain (their origin) but not so much the United States. I'm hope that press will change that and they'll get noticed! Check them out! (Death8699)