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giovedì 29 aprile 2021

Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death
I checked out a few tracks on here and it got me curious.Upon official release in the states, I downloaded the whole album on Spotify. I was really impressed so I went ahead and bought the CD. I thought that the riffs were really solid and now entire Rutan and exit O'brien. I think it was a good move for the band though I was a fan of O'brien's guitar playing. The solos on here weren't their greatest, but Barrett was still solid. The whole band was responsible for the songwriting which of whom were the ones that performed the best on here. I thought that Corpsegrinder was solid too, but it's a lot less screaming.

All the tracks to me were interesting and catchy. They're still tuned down to B-flat creating that real low sound guitar/bass wise. I thought they were heavy as f***. Everything seemed to flow rampantly and overall, I thought their best since 'Gallery of Suicide' and 'A Skeletal Domain'. 'Red Before Black' was also solid but I just liked this more. I thought that they put together a lot of their talent on here and it really showed overall. The music videos were also pretty vile, but it's Cannibal Corpse, what do you expect?! The sound quality on here is top notch as well. Overall, definitely an A-.

There wasn't anything on here that was half-assed or done without precision. I felt all 42 minutes of this was exceptional. And the production sound was right on there. Yeah, they also don't sing about religion or politics but gore?! In that respect, controversial. Some of their lyrics were banned in foreign countries. Not for this album (that I know of) but if they haven't seen the lyric sheet, they might as well. Nevertheless, we still have their music down. And if Rutan stays with the band for succeeding releases, he'll be damn well as good as he is on here! As long as they continue to come together on the songwriting, they continue to have a long career (as they already have!).

As I said, I was curious to see if this was more solid or about equal to 'Red Before Black' upon a couple of tracks that were singles, I found that I like this one more. Am I saying flat out buy the CD? No! But if you give this a chance, you'll hear that the riffs are more solid on here than they are on previous recordings. And Corpsegrinder tells interviewers too that it was a one-in-a-million chance that he'd fit in a band which he always wanted to ignoring schoolwork to perform in a band which was his passion. That's brought him today with numerous releases on Cannibal Corpse albums since early on. His message though: "stay in school." And 'Violence Unimagined' is a boon to their discography! (Death8699)

(Metal Blade Records - 2021)
Score: 80