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martedì 27 aprile 2021

Kreator - Gods of Violence

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Thrash
I didn't think too highly of this release, hence the "C" rating. I thought that the guitars were generic and not well thought out. Nothing like the older days like 'Coma of Souls' or 'Violent Revolution'. I just think Mille is end of his road and legacy with his band. There's a lot of talk about the new album, but if it's going to be like this or even worse, I'm not getting it! The only good about this album are the vocals and some of the riffs (but not many). I was quite disappointed with this album. There's not a lot of good to say about it. When Kreator was a band whose riffs used to be fantastic. Just please, take out the sloppy leads!

Most tracks were filled with disdainful hatred, but they also didn't show much enthusiasm. Not like say 'Enemy of God'. They just lagged through this. It's something that I'd have to talk to Mille about. If this is a Kreator album he'd take to a deserted album. I doubt it. The only tracks I like on here are "Satan is Real" and "Fallen Brother", the rest are just mediocre. The latter track signifies those in the metal world that passed away, especially Cliff Burton of Metallica. The music videos for the two songs I mentioned were good. But they should've made all the songs catchy and noteworthy. This is truly a TRAGEDY.

If Kreator is to still make music especially in this pandemic, they have to step it up. Take out the sloppy leads unless they had their old guitar player on 'Coma of Souls' Frank Blackfire. He's I think playing again with Sodom. His leads were magnificent. Mille's always been sloppy, he should just stick to rhythm guitar/vocals. He never seemed to master the art of playing lead guitar. I think he's another self-taught guitarist. But really, he should've stayed rhythm (as I say).

'Gods of Violence' doesn't really have anything to offer the metal community. With those two tracks and that's it, but all the rest are pretty generic. I feel that this album was a step back from their good releases and I chuck this on in the trash. What a disappointment. Mille's vocals should stay strong, he needs to focus on his songwriting and what the critics are saying about his musicianship on here. The clean vocals, too are something that he needs to work on. Check out those two tracks but please steer clear of the rest of the album. If you thought those two were bad, don't even think about getting the album. (Death8699)

(Nuclear Blast - 2017)
Score: 70