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martedì 27 aprile 2021

Heresy - Blasphēmia

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash/Death, Kreator
Kreator like sounding, at least on the vocal-end via Mille, but musically in their own thrash metal-like zone. Very well orchestrated! I dug this album immediately but it did remind me of Kreator. I think from a musical standpoint, they sound like Heresy. And pretty soon, they'll have a new recording for a full-length. And their music is top notch in many respects! It's got many different tempo changes but it still remains a good listen-to, ABSOLUTELY Even though this was 35 minutes and only 7 songs, long awaiting their upcoming release in the next few months (according to Heresy directly).

These guys have their own unique sound to them though they sound like their some of their influences. But overall, it was an enjoyable album. A lot of highlights and buzzing guitar licks galore. The sound quality was top notch, too. I've found this band to be unrelenting thrash of an onslaught! These guys dish it out totally and the riffs are very fresh and catchy. Sound quality is great too with the vocals that are well fitted with the guitars. It's truly an Armageddon sound-wise. These guys totally tear it up from all aspects. They dish it out some ear shattering thrash metal that's unrelenting and uncanny.

I thought the the musical production quality was quite good. No complaints on that front. I see that the other review here on Encyclopedia Metallum - The Metal Archives was higher notch though I think it was overly generous. And I'm being absolutely scrupulous. Though I esteemed this release highly, I don't think it's to the caliber of an "A-" rating. I have my reasons but mostly because the album wasn't long enough and the vocals were too much like Kreator. Other than those insufficiencies, it's a gem. And the album is full of brutality that leaves your eardrums ringing. It's a true onslaught of noise terror!

This was my first introduction to the band and man was it a great experience. Though they're somewhat of a new band, they still do a good job of satisficing the listener totally. The vocals were so overpowering though, but they did a good job here from every aspect. I enjoyed this album immensely. I just wished that it was longer in duration. But despite the negatives, there was an overabundance of positives notable here. I actually received the CD of this one but if you're skeptical, check it out on YouTube or see if Spotify has it too. I'm cherishing the CD that I promise not to get rid of! Check it out! (Death8699)