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martedì 16 maggio 2023

Cannibal Corpse - Kill

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death
Ferocious and unrelenting this is a MONUMENT of death metal and a boon to Cannibal Corpse's discography. Even though this is 15+ years old, it's still popular among my death metal choices when feeling I need brutal. The guitars are chunky and thick, just what the meat holder's in their cast iron brains in belting out amazing/metamorphosis style metal. I was surprised it took a while before I noticed more/less of this. So here now is it's justice! It's hit-or-miss when it comes to Corpse but they've managed to put out some good LP's following this one. Pat O'Brien is no longer with the band, but I still think they're making monstrous material.

Here, Corpsegrinder shows us again the diversity in his vocals from guttural to screaming. It was amazing his story in metal history. He was the guy who didn't want to do work in classes just sing in a band. Well, he found it and they found him a good replacement for Chris Barnes. Barnes should be edging retirement after some poor Six Feet Under releases while Corpsegrinder continues to belt it out! He does so quite unbelievably. And Corpse still has a long life left enter Eric Rutan on rhythm/lead guitars. Though the new one doesn't pack as much of a punch than this one does. Hard to surpass this release!

The production quality is quite good and that being said the music is justified in the guitars enter everything else. I must be a guitar player but it's not what I notice everything in a recording. The music on here is just devastating! They put together a lot of quality riffs that at times are hard to grasp probably because they're in B-flat tuning. I surmount that both guitarists Rob and Pat worked equally on designing sick riffs to this release. The good thing about this is that everything fit together nicely to some brutal death metal! Everything seemed to be great here and they as a band work well together plus I'm sure it's a big loss to lose Pat.

I bought this a while ago, just thought I'd write about it now since it's still getting air-time in my stereo. They don't seem to disappoint here, my favorite things about this one are the guitars and vocals. Their latest 'Violence Unimagined' is tight too but not as thick as the chunky guitar is here. Nor are the leads as good. This is one of my favorite Corpse releases aside from the early stuff ('Butchered At Birth' & 'Tomb of the Mutilated'). I'd have to say that 'Torture' and 'A Skeletal Domain' are my favorites as well. 'Kill' is among the many fine releases from and unrelenting and brutal group CANNIBAL CORPSE is! Check this out! (Death8699)

(Metal Blade Records/Daymare Recordings - 2006/2021)
Score: 80