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mercoledì 10 maggio 2023

Benediction - Killing Music

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
It'd be good (since they're not defunct) that they do a follow-up from this album. It's quality death metal though Birmingham based band that's been in existence for quite some time now. Former vocalist Barney who's with Napalm Death exclusively still measures up in supreme quality. That's for sure, though this one deserves a "75" because the production was a little bit pithy. Aside from that, the music is great, not to mention original, too. They change it up a bit on here it's not too fast tempo-wise, but brutal. This whole album is doggone brutal. They're still good even without Barney on vocals.

All the tracks are catchy guitar-wise. Catchy and unique. And that double bass drum kicking ass alongside the tremolo picked axe-work. These guys have been awesome throughout the years. Let's hope they will work on new material, if they're still thinking about it! They sure are unique as stressed they're also a healthy contribution to the death metal community. They know how to write some killer licks with a minimal amount of lead guitar work. They stick mostly with rhythm work but it's so darn amazing. I enjoyed every minute of this release. They really know how to make substantial death metal that's not humdrum.

The guitars and vocals are the highlight, but I thought the drum-work was pretty awesome as well. I only have a beef with the production, that's all. But maybe they wanted it to have sort of a raw sound. Especially for the time of the recording (2008). I'm sure that's what her intention was. Since they know especially what they're looking for to release to the public. I would've liked it if they totally took out all of the lead guitar (as little as there was) since it'd carry the brutality and anger in the music. Benediction thrives on rhythms, chunky and heavy tremolo picked. But they still did a great job here.

This album is definitely worth buying (now also with a new vynil limited edition). I bought it because I liked what I heard on Spotify. I'm not as familiar with their older work with Barney as I am with their modern lineup. But let's hope that they decide to play more of their Birmingham based death metal to the millennials. They definitely need to hear this one if they haven't already. From start to finish this one slays in the riff department. It's really heavy and catchy. I wouldn't expect them to play any other way. And the vocals/drums compliment the music. Get this album because it'll do the world of death metal well for more support. (

(Nuclear Blast/Back on Black - 2008/2023)
Score: 75