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giovedì 8 settembre 2022

Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying...And The Dead!

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash/Speed
Definitely happy I got the CD version of this album. However, the streaming displays two bonus tracks not found in the physical copy of the album. It was definitely worth the wait despite the critics opinions of this release. I'm so into this one. It's probably one of their best in years. There's just a variety of thrash/heavy metal on here. What's not shown is that Steve DiGiorgio is on bass for the recording, not James Lamenzo. He's a permanent part of the band however and toured with them this past year (2021). I got a chance to catch them with Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Trivium! What a show!

The music on here is supreme balancing metal guitar with some clean parts (small amounts) mostly distortion. Kiko takes care of pretty much all of the leads so that Dave could focus on the rhythms and vocals. That's how it's going to be from now here on. The leads were technical reminiscent of Marty Friedman. It's a shame he left the band in 2000 but Kiko is darn good replacement! He had a read of Dave's book when he joined the band. These guys have been a band since 1983 ever since Dave got kicked out of Metallica. Megadeth never had as much success as Metallica but still they have loyal followers!

Pretty much every song on here I like and the production quality is top notch. The guitars and vocals did the album justice, still furious as veterans! They still have it after all these years and the lineup changing over time firings and deaths unfortunately. But as frontman, Dave is always in command showing his good songwriting even at 60 years of age. He still has the fire! This one does any but disappoint. It certainly doesn't one bit the music steals the album. These guys are still as creative as can be and the riffs are catchy as all hell. I think that they're a while from retiring!

Again, I'm glad I bought this CD and showed support for the music industry that's failing due to streaming services. I'll probably collect CD's till I die. This is an outstanding album. I say that it's a "77" average but it's because there are some things that could use improvement but not many things. I'm glad that they took this "old school" approach to thrash metal than their other releases which were more heavy metal. I'm not in favor of the lyrical concepts but that is immaterial. What these guys did on here was monumental. I hate other critics that damn this one where I see as one of the highlights of 2022 in metal. Own it! (Death8699)

(Universal Music Group - 2022)
Score: 78