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sabato 17 settembre 2022

Belphegor - The Devils

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal
It takes a while to get into the vocals, but the music is probably the most highlighted throughout the whole release. Though the variety in measures (tempos) makes this a well rounded album. This is pretty much the intro that I've had with the band, I haven't heard of much else. I really enjoyed this release immensely. I like the rhythms and tempos and overall variety. It's a demonic album from these Austrian metallers they seem to hit-home on here. I've been listening to it for the past week and I've concluded that they are one unique act. They had session musicians but still, everything seemed to fit.

Variety on the vocals and a lot of heavy riffing. Chunky guitar seemed to fit in their trademark sound. They really went above and beyond on here. They're definitely a demonic sounding band hence the name "Belphegor." Basically, it means "demon." A real underground sound they are relentless and don't give up. An eerie intro paves the way for the album's overall sound. They are some lead guitar work but not much. However, the leads are technical (for the most part). The rhythms hold homage to the antichrist. Most the album is intense but there are songs that are kind of lower key. Not the first few songs though.

I like the production sound and mixing. It did the album justice. It's heavy, somber and depressing. But that's what it seems like they were aiming for on this release. I can't really compare it to past releases because I haven't heard any. I just know 'The Devils' and thought what an outstanding composition! They kicked some serious ass on here, everyone contributed to the overall sound and aura. These guys will most likely stay underground for their musical career. That or if they change their style, they'll probably change their name. I was surprised too that they're actually from Salzburg.

I'm glad that I bought the CD I like the audio quality more than digital albums. Plus, I'm showing support for the band. These guys better stick around for a while because they're great songwriters and they know how to pack a punch with their outputs. I think that this album shows how diverse they can be in the compositions and underground feel or vibe. They're definitely beholden to their name. Especially with the guttural vocals I like how they change it up though. The album is pretty brilliant and it has me listening to it ad nauseum. Pay respects to their effort and buy the album! (Death8699)

(Nuclear Blast - 2022)
Score: 80