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giovedì 17 maggio 2018

Deinonychus - Ode to Act of Murder Dystopia and Suicide

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Doom
Deinonychus is a quite well-known band in the black metal scene. The early inception of this band was founded in Brunssum (Netherlands) by Marko Kehrem, who is the only original member who still remains in the band, and Maurice Swinkels who is a member of the death/thrash band Legion of the Damned since its creation. As usual happens, there have been many line-up changes and currently the band consists of a trio, where Marko is accompanied by the former member Steve Wolz and Ulf Theodor Schwadorf, one of the members of the mighty band Empyrium. Deinonychus was pretty active during its first era, releasing seven albums until the band´s split-up in 2008. After years of silence, Marko has reformed the band, returning with an impressive new album entitled 'Ode to Act of Murder Dystopia and Suicide'. The new cd marks a new era for Deinonychus, though many elements contained in this album, could be recognizable if you listen to their previous albums. As many of you know, Deinonychus was initially a band firmly rooted in the black genre, though they evolved its sound to a more blackish/doomish metal sound, sometimes even with some degree of experimentation. In my opinion, this new opus brings back some elements from their earlier works, although it maintains the suffocating and depressing sound contained in their mid era albums. So, what is different this time? Well, 'Ode to Act of Murder Dystopia and Suicide' has a more dramatic, hypnotic and atmospheric sound. This more atmospheric approach is reinforced by some keys, courtesy of Ulf Theodor. The contrast between harness and atmosphere is evident from the first track “Life Taker”, which brings us the classic tortured and anguish vocals of Marko, and their trademark morbid guitars. The occasional keys increase the tenebrous and enthralling atmosphere of this track. Theodor´s work with the keys is awesome, he introduces simple but evoking melodies which shine every time they appear. Another fine example of this formula can be found in “The Weak Have Taken the Earth”, when the music suddenly stops and that piano simply freezes your soul with its dark beauty. This calm yet startling section is rapidly broken by Marko´s tortured vocals and some tremendously heavy and dark riffs. This song is simply flawless. The idea of mixing, sometimes at the same time, the keys with those agonizing voices is made a few times, mainly in the first half of the lp, and it is an idea that I really enjoy, being in my opinion a highlight of this album. The album has in general terms a quite slow pace, as we can expect from a black/doom album, fast paced sections are an exception like those we can find in the second half of “Dusk” and in the initial section of the closer “Silhouette”. This song summarizes perfectly the Deinonychus´s sound and its evolution. The track slows downs until the sound becomes crushingly slow, this is the moment where Marko´s desperate growls and shrieks sound more powerful than ever. A great way to finish this new work, the great return by Deinonychus, an opus that maintains a pretty good level from the beginning to the end, though I clearly prefer the first half where the keys appear mainly. I think Theodolf´s contribution is excellent and should be reinforced in the (hopefully) upcoming works. (Alain González Artola)