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martedì 13 giugno 2017

Rites to Sedition - Ancestral Blood

#FOR FANS OF: Swedish Black, Unanimated, Dissection
North Carolina-based melodic black metallers Rites to Sedition have taken their influence from the old-school melodic black metal scene to craft an ambitious effort upon the origins of man and his epic quest to overcome occult mysteries. This is mainly built around the utterly phenomenal riff-work present, featuring plenty of thrilling tremolo patterns full of fiery rhythms and a multitude of tempo changes that allows this one to generate a slew of exciting rhythms. By adding in a technicality to these riffs alongside the ability to utilize the grandiose soundscapes throughout here, this manages to acquire a feeling of explosive icy black metal riffing that develops a variety of tempos and patterns throughout here as the vast array of exceptionally glorious rhythms throughout here which help to make the melodic leads all the more impressive. Running over furious tempos as well as plodding mid-paced efforts makes a huge impact on their rhythms by enabling this one to readily shift focus into the varying tempos and not lose any sense of power or grandeur in the attack, making this a spectacular showing that’s able to generate these varying moods and atmospheres here. It does feel it’s length at times because of the lengthy songs sometimes generating a few unneeded parts here and there but on the whole, that’s a minor gripe here just to pick at it. Intro "Waveform 66," "Echelons of Imposition" and "Sorcerers of Atlantis" manage to combine these together exceptionally well, while the epics "The Moon Titan Phylon" and "The Golden Aeon of Saturnia" fit them into even longer segments to really boost this considerably. However, overall there’s not much really wrong with this one. (Don Anelli)