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martedì 2 aprile 2024

Deceased - Ghostly White

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Thrash
The last album with Dave "Scarface" Castillo, who drowned in El Salvador in 2018. It's too bad, this band has been in great progression with each upcoming release. I just happened to get a copy of this CD and 'Surreal Overdose.' This one isn't extreme death metal, it's milder with great riffs. The vocals are powerful and the production quality was solid. I think highly of this release! I feel like they have some riffs that are unique and exceptionally original. The vocals on here are hoarse and have a low-end growl to them. The music is non-duplicated by any of their others. They pretty sound different with each succeeding platter. The voice goes pretty well with the music.

The thing about the music is that they have tempos slow, medium, and up-to-fast shred. The leads were well done, and I feel like they really put their heart and soul into this recording. The music and vocals are what stole it for me. That's the reason for the "75" rating.

I only own two releases by this band, 'Ghostly White' and their previous 'Surreal Overdose.' I like both, but the former more so because I feel that the music is better on here than their predecessor. It's filled with catchiness and thickness in the riff category. I originally didn't think very highly of these albums, but my outlook has changed after multiple hearings. The vocals just go along-side the musical kingdom of originality in the sounds. Too bad about their drummer. And I'm curious to hear their latest release out this year, entitled 'Children of the Morgue.' This new one might even be better than this one, I'm not sure yet. We'll have to play the waiting game.

Five members in this band, one gone, but it doesn't take away from the magic of this release. I think that the music and vocals are what caught my attention the most. These guys have been going strong for years making quality death/thrash/heavy metal. Quite a mix of genres!

I like how they were able to piece things together in these genres, which is why they caught me a little by surprise. The music (being a guitar player myself) was the highlight to me. But they were able to lump those genres together, making it a win-win situation and never boring.

I like this band a lot and am going to be a long time fan because they were able to make their music unique and listenable. The vocals, the riffs, the leads, and the drums all were exquisitely composed. These guys are hopefully going to be around for many more years! If you don't believe me, just take a listen yourself and see what I'm talking about! (Death8699)

(Hells Headbangers Records - 2018)
Score: 75