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venerdì 27 ottobre 2023

Sepultura - Schizophrenia

 #FOR FANS OF: Death/Thrash
I'm surprised that I overlooked this album, probably because of the production quality and 'Morbid Visions' I wasn't a fan of though I did have this one on CD. I never ended up getting 'Morbid Visions' but I had built up potential to this band after listening to this one and 'Beneath The Remains.' I wasn't a big fan of their other releases except 'Arise.' Now, I don't follow them at all especially with Max and Igor are out of the band. But it's good what the Caveleras are doing now with re-recording the first two albums I believe. Max had to relearn the early songs and for this release the thrash metal was just flowing with energy!

Without the Cavalera's, Sepultura isn't the same. That's why I stopped following them. And I thought 'Chaos AD' and 'Roots' didn't have the same Sepultura thrash that I was so used to hearing from them. No one can duplicate their early sound.

So 'Schizophrenia' was a good follow-up to their debut 'Morbid Visions' and the riffs were pure thrash with a lot of intensity. The music itself was entirely original as was 'Beneath The Remains.' I had the latter on cassette. 'Schizophrenia' I always had on CD. The music, the leads, the vocals and the drums all showed what talent this band was early on. But after each successive release seemed to be less and less thrash except 'Beneath The Remains.' I guess they didn't want to duplicate albums but they never really progress as time went on. It seemed as though they got kind of lazy especially on 'Chaos AD' and 'Roots.'

There's a lot of history behind this band and the early days where 'Schizophrenia' arrived in the metal scene was about the times was with US thrash bands were emerging aside the success Metallica had with their start to their genre. But Exhorder, Exodus, Testament, et al were seeing to pop up in the scene but with the same problem: production quality. But 'Schizophrenia' was solid. Maybe the guitars were a little bit sloppy but not really to the point where they were really a garage band to the likes of others that were emerging. The songs on 'Schizophrenia' where well constructed though depressing as hell. This is the atmosphere that they wanted! (Death8699)

(Cogumelo Records - 1987/2022)
Score: 80