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giovedì 5 ottobre 2023

Crypta - Shades of Sorrow

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
This vocalist sounds like a female version of Dani Filth. There’s actually more than one tone of vocals. It’s mainly guttural throat with variations. I like it. This one tops their debut 'Echoes of the Soul.' I’m missing Sonia Anubis though but they’re still a great band. Melodies galore mixed with hardcore death metal. The leads are superb too. I weigh heavy on bands that incorporate leads in their music, a lot of them are whiskey washy but Crypta has technical guitarists that live up to their potential. The band is in their 20’s I don’t think older than this.

Everything seemed to fit in quite well the riffs, leads, vocals, production, mixing and more! They have a lot to contribute to the death metal community. After Sonia’s departure from the band, they seem to have a lineup that’s phenomenal. It took me a while to get used to the vocals on their debut but now I’m highly acclimated to them now! And they’re not just screaming they have a lot of variety. Really hardcore which goes well with the music. There aren’t many styles here, just death metal with the Dani Filth type female vocals. It goes well with the music. I like the deep throat onslaught as wel!

The riffs and leads are showing signs of immense progress since their debut came out. There’s just a lot of dynamics and variety in their music. The leads are quite technical like Sonia was. They’re not as good as her but they’re still lynching the metal genre with tremendous potential. I feel that if they continue on this path they’ll be successful. They’re a pretty new band that shows promise and hopefully people will buy their merchandise.

In some instances, the leads guitar work is wicked. Their switching off in the vocals to give the sound more variety. They shy no way but phenomenal in their efforts. I’m glad also that they have a longer album totaling in about 51 minutes in length. Every song on here has a noteworthy performance. Don’t pass this one up from your collection! (Death8699)