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lunedì 10 dicembre 2018

Shuffle - #WontTheyFade

#FOR FANS OF: NuMetal/Alternative Rock, Linkin Park, Incubus
After the 2015’s convincing debut album 'Upon the Hill', this nu-metal youngster quintet releases another raw diamond: '#WontTheyFade'. Everybody would initially spot this band somewhere in the USA, the sound takes us to the late '90s college rock but: first of all, these guys come from France (Le Mans) and second, they re-adapted a 20 years old sound to the XXI century’s second decade with modern lyrics and much more groove. I enjoyed this album a lot and I’m looking forward to monitor the bright future they’re promising, they have everything necessary to break trough the scene and already shown maturity in this latter release comparing it to the first one. The composition, the arrangements, the riffs and the melodies deserve more than a superficial glance, delicacy and brutality are perfectly merged together, I mean, if you are under 30 you have no reason to avoid this album, if you are over 30 and still able to dream, you also have no reason to leave this work un-downloaded. Shuffle is a wonderful reality made of young hungry guys ready to slap your face from the earliest live guitar plug, I’m already checking if they’re planning a gig in Italy! The ingredients of Shuffle are compliant for a world explosion, “Spoil the Ground” and “Faded Chalk Lines” will stay for a long time in my playlists and I will definitely let my girlfriend listen to “Oh Glop D’eternitat”, '#WontTheyFade' has songs for everybody. Emerging or not, material about this band can be found easily with a quick research and what really emerge are their passion and dedication. If the improving path won’t meet distractions, we will here about these guys very, very soon. (Pietro Cavalcaselle)