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sabato 8 novembre 2014

Cross Examination - Dawn of the Dude

#FOR FANS OF: Thrash/Crossover
Thought the thrash revival was over? Well, you're right. Metal is now so diverse that there really is no governing genre at any time. But thrash metal, ruler of the mid/late eighties, enjoyed a welcoming comeback in the mid 00s. However successful or obscure thrash became - its bastard-child, crossover, pioneered by the likes of S.O.D, Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I, never really went anywhere. It just gradually became more violent, frenzied, and humorous. This is music for those who truly do not give a fuck - and Missouri's Cross Examination epitomize that characteristic in hilarious fashion. These thrasher's debut full-length "Menace II Sobriety" was a furious, yet surprisingly contained, piece of crossover madness, with memorable riffs and clear song-structures. But if their new EP "Dawn of the Dude" is any sign of things to come...then prepare to rip some fucking wallpaper. The riffs have been diluted by a messier production which boosts the volume of the cymbals and the bass. It's VERY sloppy in comparison to previous releases, which provides the perfect atmosphere for this 13-minute mayhemic monster. Fortunately, Kegmaster's vocals have become even more frantic and hysterical - making him the star of the whole affair. Any crossover fan should reap much joy from hearing him shout "WHAT! THE! FUUUUCK?!" in "Opposite Day". Plenty of samples and spoken-word sections make this a self-aware and charming EP which is guaranteed to plant a smile on the most hardened metalhead. The musings of opener "Wake Up Call", the rhythmic gang-shouts of "Hail To The Jeef", and the sheer chaos of "Ritual Snackrifice" contrast wonderfully with full-blown thrash flings like "The Bluntacolypse" and the groovier title-track, resulting in a schizophrenic, yet endearing, chunk of insanity. Considering its brevity, Cross Examination manage to cram a decent amount of variety into "Dawn of the Dude”, as well as the consistency to remain stylistically loyal to the crossover psychopaths they clearly worship. Highly recommended. (Larry Best)

(Organized Crime - 2014)
Score: 80