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mercoledì 24 maggio 2017

Sentient Ignition - Enthroned In Gray

#FOR FANS OF: Technical Death Metal, Archspire, Cryptopsy
Formed just in the last few years, Bay Area technical/progressive death metallers Sentient Ignition have brought a vast array of influences into a complex, challenging sound which is quite a devastating blow for a band bringing about their first offering. The fact that the vast majority of this one is based on twisting, swirling patterns utilizing challenging riff-patterns that dominate this one quite readily, making for a rather fun time here. These sweeping rhythms are based on the technicality of the riffing which is fantastic in building up dramatic moments through the utterly complex notes hit as well as the bands’ far-more-detailed ability to switch from the varying tempos here with the tight chugging, ravenous gallops and blistering thrash paces all coming to play here while expertly navigating throughout the frantic riffing alongside these tempo changes, especially since there are a few minor flaws here. It’s a bit too short here with only a handful of tracks after the intro, and despite how epic they are it’s still a touch short, and the fact that there’s a rather light tone here throughout the music does rob the riffs of their power and dynamic crunch after a while, however, it doesn’t really rob the songs of their enjoyable as the title track, "A Thousand Ages" and "Grasp of the Infinite" all managing to display this style of work to the fullest featuring plenty of strong work throughout, while "Black Lattice" is a touch more on the melodic scale of their sound even though it’s quite enjoyable as well. Overall, it’s a solid effort if really just a touch too short. (Don Anelli)

(Self - 2017)
Score: 75