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lunedì 4 dicembre 2023

Sinister - Diabolical Summoning

#FOR FANS OF: Death Old School
This is vintage old-school death metal. It varies in the degree of brutality it has to it. Killer line-up! The production quality is good too for a 1993 release. It might seem kind of "hollow" though. It's worth taking a listen to though. That is, if you are a fan of underground music. The vocals are guttural, the guitars are heavy and distorted to the nth degree, tempos are all over the place. Definitely worth checking out they remind me a little bit like Suffocation's early days. The blast beats, the music, and the double bass drums. This is a strong album in terms of their transformation. Their newer stuff is solid as well.

These riffs on here are beyond good, they're phenomenal. The vocals fit the music, totally! The songs are full of energy and originality. I really enjoyed this release. I'm surprised that I learned about this band till much later in their days!

I'm glad that I did learn about Sinister. I bought the CD because I chose to support the band, not just load up on streaming services. The music on here is hyper intensity! They speak to the listener on how they've come together as musicians and dominating the scene!

The leads on here are good as well! I don't think there's a pause in any of this that equally slows down, it exceeds everyone's expectations. The vocals stay brutal and the music just overly compensates the production quality. The tempos are fast and furious at times. But they have a certain groove to them that only death metal bands have to offer. What a magnificent release that will not let you down. I thought it good enough to buy that's how good I thought of it. I'll admit that I downloaded this before I bought it. But I'm so glad that I did! It was never boring or repetitive. It always held extraordinary tempos and the drums did it justice! (Death8699)

(Nuclear Blast/Cosmic Key Creations - 1993/2023)
Score: 80