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venerdì 4 giugno 2021

Obituary - The End Complete

#FOR FANS OF: Death Old School
I like this album for many reasons. First, it's brutal and original. Secondly, no one has this type of sound on the guitars in metal except them. And thirdly, John Tardy's vocals are like no other. So on many accounts Obituary is a Floridian based original death metal act. The album here is dark and grim the atmosphere is quite intriguing as it's pretty dark. They have some good songs on here, I don't care what anyone says. They're unique and still getting established in the death metal world. This is what their 3rd LP and they're kicking major ass.

The guitars are riff-tastic and the leads are somewhat technical, not as much as with James Murphy on 'Cause of Death'. But still, the music and production are spectacular. I like the fact that this album is pretty slow. Don't know why people termed this album as being "lame." I thought it was a great effort by the band making original sounding music. I liked it the whole way through here. The drums kicked ass as well! The aggression is there too. No need to waiver for which Obituary is the best, just put on 'The End Complete' and you have an avenue that covers all aspects of death metal.

I think that the mixing was good as well! Everything about this album I like. I like the vibe. It definitely is an album to lift weights to in the background. It's got that much electric feel to it. I cannot believe people really thought ill of this album. I don't care I think the Tardy brothers and rest of the band did the death metal community justice with this album. Being that it was a follow-up for a hard album to top, but they came out with riffs that were fresh and music that was ultimately brutal. The guitars and vocals are what I like the most about Obituary. They really are unique from all respects.

I would venture to say here that because I'm biased and grew up on Obituary in the death metal scene that I say buy the LP. You'll get a kick out of it's originality and innovative guitar riffs. The production does it justice too. I think that they did a great job on here. I wouldn't ever say to play this album to go to sleep to even though at times it is slow but too brutal to get shut-eye to. It's just interesting to hear the music just flow. The riffs by the guitarists Trevor and Allen did a good job in creating amazing music that I should be playing more often. Definitely a kick ass release with all the way into the end you'll love 'The End Complete'! (Death8699)

(R/C Records/Listenable Records - 1992/2021)
Score: 85